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Publish Date : 25 June 2019 - 09:00
Failure in designing projects and weakness in procedure of developing new products in auto industry has become the concern of managers and also buyers of local cars. Part makers believe that lack of system in developing products had impact on the part industry and force them to stay far from today technology.
Khodrocar - The inadequacy of the automotive industry in identifying and modeling the design of new products in the past years has made it possible for localization of components to be challenged, while one of the products and product development achievements is the development of specialized engineering centers for the hardware and software components of the contractors, which undoubtedly this will help improve product quality.

"When the new car is introduced, all involved in the production of this vehicle will make localization and production of new parts of the car, and since the passing of time has introduced more advanced technologies into the automotive industry, this process will make Component makers move towards new technologies.” Ahmad Reza Ranaei, a member of part makers association, 

"The issue that has existed in the past years, which has left the manufacturers behind and can’t keep up to date, is the approach taken by car makers to import CBU or CKD cars to exploit the benefits of this action and the coverage of other costs has been one of the main reasons behind this.” He said. 

"Importing parts from other countries instead of concluding contracts with domestic producers, as well as non-timely payment of component parts by manufacturers, has been one of the other reasons for contractors' backwardness in recent years, while in the event that each component is realized Of these, it was possible that, in addition to providing daily productions, they would move to day-to-day technologies and produce more units, but they could not carry out this move, which made the weaker component manufacturers Of ever.” He mentioned. 

"If the parts required by automakers are ordered to component manufacturers and assemblers who are manufacturers of high-speed products, they can be helpful because these bidders will have part of their capital for initial cost and investment, which will be attributed to the machine tool helps to make front molds.”

"Obviously, new car production is initially low in circulation, and in this situation it is not costly for the machine tool builder to launch expensive molds for small runs, but if the car manufacturer declares an increase in production and pledges to buy The internal component makes it possible to conclude a long-term contract, invest in, and obtain facilities for the component, in this situation, it can enter the area of production of parts with a small circulation, otherwise it will not succeed.” He said. 

The lack of a specific system in product development by automakers and the repetition of the production of old products has reduced the desire to upgrade technology and the use of new machines and the need for these technologies is not felt by the makers and the result is a process that Today, in the car and car industry, we are seeing so much that 200,000 flawed cars are waiting for high-tech parts to be bought in parking lots. It requires automakers, along with launching actions such as self-sufficiency Jihad Parts, to design new platforms based on what is projected in the Automotive Development Outlook document.
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