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Publish Date : 23 June 2019 - 08:56
Manager of consumers rights protection organization, announced the ban of daily pricing in auto market while emphasizing on delivering promised cars to customers with old prices has made 70 thousand billion IRRs loss for automakers.
Khodrocar - Any decision about the rate, pricing rules, the quotas for the quantity of goods and services subject to approval by the market regulator, and only cars that have competed with the pricing history by the council, their pricing is on the agenda of the market regulator, and others The cars that were not priced by the competition council are still priced according to the procedure before the car makers are priced; therefore, in the current situation, the price of announced sales by automakers is based on the margin price of the February of the year of 1997 and announced through the company and Price determination is not done daily.

The emphasis on this decision, while earlier and last year, at the same time as protesting the buyers of pre-sold cars, the Minister of Industry, Mines and Trade emphasized the delivery of cars at the purchase price, which added to the accumulated losses of automakers, The new salary increased more than every other year; car pricing could be offset by the margin of the last year's market could make losses. 

"Any decision that is out of the nature of the market and is in a state of emergency, this process will lead to losses on both sides, and will not only not achieve an outcome for consumers, but in the long-term loss of the automakers and failing to fulfill its obligations to the detriment of the entire population and consumers.” Shahram Azadi, deputy of SAIPA’s innovation center told khodrocar reporter. 

"The price is set at the margin of the market based on supply and demand, so the price set at the market is referred to as the price set at the margin of the market, but that the price margin of the last year's market is not the basis for determining the price.” he added. 

"We need to consider today's economic conditions and existing restrictions, and instead of solving the problem arguably, we will try to reduce prices by increasing production.” He answered to the reporter. 

"Can’t be rebounded back to 97 unless automotive obligations are based on this issue and the market margin is related to a specific time that it is unlikely that the car makers are obligated to set the mark on the market for a certain date.” He said. 

A review of the profits and losses of automakers in recent years has shown that false and misleading decisions have always been a factor in losing more of the automakers, and that, when this industry needs to be supported more than ever, it should not be mistaken in making decisions.
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