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Publish Date : 21 June 2019 - 09:32
The bitter experience of foreign partners which left the country unless their contracts were strong repeated to show us that auto industry needs more prediction for guarantee of contracts.
Khodrocar - In the past year, as a result of this, we saw the collapse of the production lines of French and French co-production, and the heavy commitments of the deal to the car manufacturers, on the other hand, leaving the Germans, Japanese and Korea They also showed that Iran should not have any hope for the permanent presence of a foreign partner in the car industry for a variety of reasons, and in such a situation the question arises as to whether in the current circumstances it is reasonable for Iran to bring its business partner from France to another country?

"Each country's entry into the automotive industry should be made on a tender basis, and each company accepts the terms of the tender and is willing to give more privilege to Iran, as a partner in the automobile industry of Iran.” Ahmad Nemat Bakhsh, secretary of automakers association told khodrocar reporter. 

"These companies, meanwhile, became Iran's automotive trade partners, and with the resumption of sanctions, they left Iran again, who had previously had a history of leaving Iran, and it seems that it is necessary to pay compensation To take action in Iran, and if they conclude new contracts, they are also obliged to pay compensation to Iran.” He said. 

"After the JCPOA, there were German and Korean collaborators, and with the onset of sanctions, the Germans diminished their presence in Iran. Meanwhile, Koreans and Japanese left Iran before the start of the official boycott of the car industry.” He added. 

"If the conditions are normal and optimistic about the lifting of the sanctions, then we need to launch an international bidding process to declare ourselves conditional on cooperation with the new foreign country and, in the light of the previous contracts, consider more stringent legal provisions in the contracts. Why However, nowadays, car directors are stronger and more experienced than the past.” He said. 

"In the new period, better contracts were concluded than before, and foreigners were required to invest in Iran, and this clause caused them to enter Iran in large amounts, which they have already left with Iran from these companies In the event of a new contract, more stringent clauses will be foreseen in the light of these conditions.” He mentioned. 

"Of course, in the normal course of the contractors who have invested in new molds and new parts, they can make new products and export them and, by predicting a competitive price, will create an export market for them. Undoubtedly, Peugeot is looking to supply the unit with competitive prices and if the domestic component is able to meet this need, it will be able to exploit the investments made.” He added. 

Although the comments made by the secretary-general of the Association of Automobile Manufacturers of Iran indicate a reluctance to enter the car industry to work with another country, the experience of past years has shown that the automotive industry needs to enter into cooperation with another country, because it may be able to incur losses from cooperation Partly and completely compensated by the French in a new way, but the basic point is the ability of the automotive industry to adapt to the new country standards. As the automotive industry faces many difficulties in meeting its daily needs, the risk of entering new areas will be high.
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