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Publish Date : 18 June 2019 - 08:19
The car industry is a bit overwhelmed by many problems, and the industry's product market is disturbed, and many experts believe that the industry needs fundamental change to be restored.
Khodrocar_Most automotive experts believe that the existence of open demand is the best chance to ensure the economic success and durability of an enterprise that car companies have enjoyed this opportunity over the past 40 years. But despite the brutal sanctions imposed on this industry in an irrational way of thinking, with preventive customs practices and tariff policies, and in general, the car industry has deviated from the path of growth and prosperity, and today the industry with its existence In the midst of old products, accumulated debt, import dependency on China, lack of cost efficiency, expensive sales, dependence on non-governmental government support, costly demonstration behavior and advertising, and these existing barriers have far outstripped the economic climate.

In the same vein, Amir Hassan Kakai, in an interview with the Automotive Reporter, said: "In the 40 years that we were engaged in the automotive industry, the automotive industry had at least three major developments; the quality assurance system and flexible agility production, design and Development based on a shared platform and strategic partnership with suppliers and today's superstructures. Unfortunately, from a practical point of view, we are still in the same transformation, and have not acted on the basis of necessity. "

"The result of all the misconceptions that have been made in this industry is that there are about 30 low-productivity automotive companies and hundreds of small-scale manufacturing companies, most of which can not compete globally, and ultimately offer products that are not Their quality has the necessary stability and not their price satisfaction. In addition, as a rule, they have a lot of dependency abroad and are not up to date. "

A member of the faculty at the University of Science and Technology said: "The world's automotive industry today and its substructures have a completely different structure than 40 years ago. If, after another 20 years, we have to have a competitive automotive industry in the country, we will have to re-engineer this Build structures. It's too late today to begin with, but this industry needs fundamental change. "

According to Automaker, most automotive experts believe the government has been pursuing a policy of banning car imports over the past two years if national imports were not limited, but the import tariff did not change. In practice, this policy has only led to the strengthening of assembly and not to affect other indicators such as competitiveness, quality increase, consumer protection, and so on. What these experts are pushing for is that the automotive industry, after decades of misguided policy, needs a realistic and correct road map to target the right value for each segment of the value chain in terms of potential and actual capabilities in the industry. Defined.
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