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Publish Date : 17 June 2019 - 09:32
Localization is one of the 7 index of production boosts in 1398 and ministry of Industry, Mine and Trade has said that with the support of the government and parliament, localization will continue. Meanwhile, Reza Rahmani ban the use of foreign parts which had local similar for automakers.
Khodrocar – Reza Rahmani, talked to members of industry and mine commission of parliament and said: if you know any product which is produce in Iran just inform us to ban its importation. 

He said it while automakers need parts more than anytime else and it could be a challenge. It shows that there is a real eager for increasing local production. 

"Undoubtedly, doing so in a normal and non-stressful manner would be much easier to do, and it was possible to work with foreigners, and it was possible to transfer money, while it was possible to negotiate with technology owners, and on the inside side its development was also considered.” Omid Rezaei, expert of auto industry told khodrocar reporter. 

"When the parts are internalized, considering the precious weight, Saipa cars in the $ 4,000-class and Iran-Khodro cars range from $ 6,000 to $ 6,500, if we calculate with an ordinary currency in a car like Pride, $ 1870 A weighting of 40% will be dependent on the currency.” He added. 

"Self-sufficiency in the automotive sector consists of two parts of the piece and the raw materials. In the past 40 years, however, there have not been any well-documented reports from the car makers to determine which parts of the interior and which parts still have an attempt to localize them. Therefore, at the beginning of the national design, it should be noted that the interior is in parts or raw materials.” He said. 

"This is not to be achieved by the slogan, directive or executive order, but the direction of this action should be towards the cooperation of the executive agencies with a patriotic look, because it requires collective work, and universities, manufacturers, industry owners, banks, the tax affairs organization the ministry must work to achieve this.” He said. 

"The prospect of a supra-national committee can’t be effective, but this will be done with the ministry's Ministry of Housing and Automotive Affairs, and this ministry can provide the necessary synergy to achieve this, among other industries, the support of the automotive industry. It can help, and this will not be achieved except with the private car industry, while prudent managers are now motivated by the existing limitations and this is a significant part of the automotive industry's problems.” He continued. 

Rezaei emphasized the need for dynamic manufacturing as a vehicle for the automotive industry, and says that if professional manufacturers have no limit to the production of modern cars, this would be predicted by the technical team with a thought-room, greenhouse and recipe It will not be executed, and if we all believe that change has to be made and the era of the downfall of the automotive industry has come to an end, and this is going to happen now, this will be enforced, but it should be noted that deepening the construction and realizing it Not possible with old version.
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