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Publish Date : 15 June 2019 - 09:00
National competition council is insisting on return of pricing in auto industry to remove monopoly while there are other exclusive markets that this council is not worry about them.
Khodrocar - Currently, the production of steel sheets for the car as one of the subsidiaries of this industry is only monopolized by a few manufacturers, but the competition council has no plans to enter these areas, and it is even possible that there is no information in this regard. There is also no background.

The function of the National Competition Council, which is better off as the National Pricing Council, has been weak enough in recent years to remove monopoly as one of its main goals, which experts believe is more than The one who is thinking of performing his duties is looking for a promotional event.

"However, so far no institution has entered it, while all these problems come from this point.” Farbod Zaveh, an expert of auto industry told khodrocar reporter. "Currently, there is such a trend in the pricing of cars, as we already see, the low quality of some cars and the comparison with other similar vehicles, etc., is a topic that all ordinary people can comment on. But we see that there is a shortage of banking services because people are not dominant about the issue and lack of easy understanding of them by the one they prefer not to talk about.”

"The fact is that the competition council is more likely to seek populist moves than to seek to resolve the problems and resolve monopoly challenges in the industry, and emphasizes the pricing of cars regardless of prior and subsequent monopoly circles.” He added. 

"The competition council, even in the performance of imported cars that led to significant increases in prices and monopolies, was also neglected, which shows that the council does not seek to resolve problems, but rather pursues the behavior that other Iranian politicians have.” He said. 

"More than 10 years have passed since the founding of the Council of Competition, and this is enough to eliminate monopoly in a space time. If this council were to seek a true elimination of monopoly in the market, it could do so during this time, but so far it has only done enough to invent new pricing formulas, which is the result of the situation it is currently in.” he added. 

These statements come as the weak performance of the council, even in the provision of corporate Internet services, has led to a monopoly, but the council still stumbles on the alley and is trying to get back to the car pricing area.
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