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Publish Date : 14 June 2019 - 10:10
The sharp fluctuations in the exchange rate and the current economic conditions of the country, as well as the decline in bank profits, have led people to invest and retain their capital to buy currency, gold and even cars, but many experts believe that with the flow of liquidity to the capital market and production In the first place, it helps the country's economy, and in the second place it affects people's livelihoods.
Khodrocar_Buying a car in Iran for some people is more than buying a vehicle, a vehicle for keeping their capital, buying some cars, selling them after a while, buying them and selling them. Enhancing vehicle finance.

If the inflation rate rises and the exchange rate goes up and down, some people think of the depositors in the bank as a risk, and they believe that in order to increase their existing capital, they can mount the fluctuating exchange rate by buying items such as dollars and coins and cars Etc. can make a good profit. But when the exchange rate collapses suddenly, they are worried that their money will probably be bleeding.

Failure of the relevant authorities to organize the car market and the lack of the hands of the brokers of this capital despite all efforts, such as the removal of prices from the sale and sale sites, has caused the continued widespread attraction of capital to the market, and still the automobile is a capital asset Account.

Most capital market experts and economists argue that when expensive and inflation is created, the car is also expensive, but the car is a consumable commodity and may in any way damage the capital. They believe that the liquidity of liquidity towards the capital market is way more difficult.

This liquidity is wandering over a subject that Mohammad Reza Amir Hassan Khani, vice chairman of the Industrialists Commission, said yesterday: "Unfortunately, there was no need for planning and liquidity for the widespread liquidity; if we could better use it, prevent the invasion Take it to markets like cars. "

"Liquidity should be driven by production and value-added jobs," he added, "while in the current situation, this liquidity has caused price turbulence in parallel with the presence of car dealers in the automotive market."

In this regard, Ali Asgharpur Matin Ehandan, referring to the fact that the car is not an account of capital, tells the automaker's reporter: "If everyone is going to buy a car with an investment look, then what is the economic development agenda? Therefore, it is more rational to attract liquidity to the capital market and convince people to deposit their deposits in the bank. »

"If a person puts his money in the bank, the bank invests money and creates a job, but by buying a car that does not create a job, and this capital can go to sleep in the parking lots for a long time, and then the buyer will suffer Losses "

"If a person wants to buy a vehicle for investment, he must keep in mind that it is also difficult to maintain a car," he said. "It's time to consider modeling your car and think of other problems like insurance," he said.

Pour Matin believes that buying and selling cars is directly related to the supply and demand market, and that the automaker may enter the market at any time, and that the profit from car purchase is a fairly cross-sectional profit, and in the long run may even To become a loss. "

 What the experts point out is that buying a car as a commodity with a capital look does not seem to be wise, but what has not happened so far is attracting liquidity to the market and production. If we try to drive liquidity towards production and control currency fluctuations, this will certainly help the country's economy.
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