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Publish Date : 13 June 2019 - 09:00
More than 5 years passed since the drafting of the goals and policies of the automotive industry on the horizon of 1404, the ideal document, according to which the automotive industry is to be ranked first in the automotive industry, fifth Asia and eleventh world, but not over this period The only areas for achieving these goals have not been achieved, but Iran's current rankings have also fallen.

Khodrocar - The segment's industry as the main arm of the automotive industry is also the goals of developing and upgrading the component industry and assembly and the related industries of value added, direct investment, joint ventures with foreign manufacturers and builders, and the creation and promotion of design centers Vehicle parts and assemblies are only part of the vast policy of this area in this document.

Industry experts believe that not only these goals have not entered into the implementation phase, but due to the lack of infrastructure and neglect of them, the goals have been set aside without expectation, which seems to be out of the mind.

"Since 1992, when the vision of the automotive industry and the segment has been drafted on the horizon of 1404, nothing has happened so far, due to the lack and lack of infrastructure of the piece industry.” Mohsen Razm Khah, an activists of part industry told khodrocar reporter.

"Till now no one paid attention to the infrastructures so everything went wrong to now. The part industry requires the reform of the basic structure, while achieving the goals defined in this document requires entry into the design and research and development field, which will not be achieved except through international communications, and these communications will not be possible due to sanctions. So no progress has been made in design.” He added.

"Entering the R&D and design field in part industry needs investment. This is despite the fact that part-size companies are suffering from the lack of liquidity due to the timely payment of claims by automakers in this field and have been struggling with many problems in providing their daily financial resources, which allows investment in new fields to they do not give them.” He said.

"At present, the industry faces a large number of small-scale units that can’t produce economically, so many of them will have a problem with production and price, so they can’t make progress, on the other hand, they can compete with parts. They are not imported, which should be considered in the reform of the structure of the piece industry." He said.

"At the moment, the goals that are projected in documents such as the Automotive Industry Outlook document are the goals we wish to put forward, while we do not define the ways and means to achieve what we like.” Razm Khah added.

"However, in post-conflict countries, if the government formulates a plan to reform the structure of a part of the industry, the ways to achieve that goal will be defined and the government will participate. In any country, without the assistance of governments, the industry sector does not grow and develop, but in Iran, the goals are well defined, but the requirements for achieving those goals, which are mostly financial and legal and tariff support of the desired section, are not paying attention.” Finally said.

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