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Publish Date : 12 June 2019 - 10:31
The second domestic quality report was announced last year, and the report indicates that the quality of domestic vehicles has not changed due to economic problems and sanctions
Khodrocar_iran's Quality and Standard Quality Inspection reported yesterday the second report of the quality of domestic road vehicles, and according to this report, in May 2019, 55,532 vehicles were produced, accounting for 99% of the volume of light vehicles and one percent He was assigned to heavy-duty vehicles. The country's manufacturing vehicles this month included 47 lightweight vehicles and 7 heavy-duty vehicles.

According to the Iran Quality and Standard Quality Inspection Report, the overall quality level of domestic vehicles remained stable this May, and contrary to what was expected to impede the status of production and quality of the sanctions, but this change has not yet been seen and automakers have been working. Do not sacrifice quality for quantity.

Recently, Ashkan Golpayegani, CEO of Iran's Quality and Quality Inspection Company, said that the effects of sanctions on the quality of manufactured vehicles had not yet been seen, and the efforts of automakers are not to sacrifice quality for quality, and it seems To date, automakers have succeeded.

Ali Dadmardi, an economic expert in this regard, says that although production space has faced a problem for all producers in the country, and all industries, including the automotive industry, have been affected by economic downturns with declining production, but everyone, including people and Experts expect that if car makers are demanding higher prices for their products, the quality of the vehicles produced will not be negatively affected by the past, and even expect them to recover products from them.

He also commented on compliance with the 85th standards: for automakers, this should be logical, economic, and operational. Automobile companies try to adapt themselves to the new conditions, but it should be taken into account that some standards are new and, to the best of my knowledge, with the existing conditions and sanctions and the problem of the transfer of foreign currency, in some cases it is impossible to implement it at all. There are no standards, but some of the standards, which are the minimum safety requirements for occupants, must be respected and people expect their lives and property to be of interest to automakers.

"As far as I know, I know that the cars that are being manufactured today meet at least 55 standards, otherwise they will not be allowed to be numbered, but it should be taken into consideration that in the last few years a new definition of safety Provided and more stringent. For example, the standards we are following today are 17 years old and this issue needs to be upgraded.

 Most experts in the automotive industry and economic experts believe that looking into the country's automotive industry should be reasonable and can not be said in some cars because it does not meet the standards of 85, so its production will be stopped tomorrow. The conditions of the community and the country must be taken into account, because there are a lot of people using and living with the least expensive cars on the market. As a result, it has to be considered accountable and reasonable. However, the quality of manufactured cars has not yet diminished due to the severe US sanctions, and hoped that other standards would be implemented.
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