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Publish Date : 10 June 2019 - 10:39
exchange rate is decreasing for a time and it is predicted that prices will decrease in the auto market soon. however condition of auto market is otherwise and it is under the shadow of organizing plan and letter of vice president to reducing prices. so everything has stop in this market.
Khodrocar_ Most automotive market players say that although the dollar is constantly upside down as the dollar rises, market prices are on the downside, but these days the market is in a different position. The margins of pricing and appointment of its trustee by the House have been a few weeks that kept the market stagnant and buying and selling in this market does not happen.

In the same vein, Ali Najafi, the automotive market activist, told Automotive News Correspondent: "The market, given the huge amount of liquidity that existed, and the advertisements made in this area, many people and most speculators invaded this market and created this field. Brokers and brokers could raise the price of cars unreal. "

"But things are stagnating now in the car market, and dealers are also likely to wait for the pricing task and planning arrangements to come up with a new map for the car market," he continues. Because the market is always beneficial for market enthusiasts because of a drop in liquidity by the people. "

"The car market activist says about the current state of the market:" At the moment, both buyers and sellers have been kept away. The downside has dropped the dollar for sellers, and real buyers are also waiting to see if the competition council will lower or fall in prices. "

Najafi also told the Minister of Industry to reduce car prices by ordering Jahangiri: "It is currently pricing domestic cars on the margin of the market. But it seems like there is a tendency for price guidance to return to the pricing cycle, and I think this means the continuation of brokerage and mediation in the car market. Unless a new program and policy is adopted in this regard and it does not allow the hands of speculators to enter this market. But experience has proven that there is no proper policy and strategy in this regard. "

Most automotive experts believe that pricing on the margin of the market will also help to boost production, as more automakers will absorb more liquidity, their production capacity will increase, and that will be achieved in such a situation. But with genuinely pricing, automakers are forced to sell their products below market rates and prices, and as a result, the profits of the pockets of brokers go and these are the producers who face losses.
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