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Publish Date : 09 June 2019 - 09:23
One of the main provisions of the Ministry of Industry, Mining and Trade was the transfer of technical knowledge in cooperation with foreign partners in the automotive industry. Contracts that required the Iranian side to undertake huge costs to reach the level of global standards in the automotive industry.
Khodrocar_The Iranian engineers and engineers who dreamed of making the automobile were willing to spend on these costs waiting for the transfer and transfer of know-how from their foreign partners to the Iranian industry, which according to experts, as it should enter into the executive phase failed.

Although car makers who had a share of the government were victims of the withdrawal from the United States and witnessed the quitting of foreign partners from Iran overnight, this caused the costs and plans to be spent, but the question arises that the transfer of technical knowledge in the sector how is the private car industry, which has beforehand also had a history of working with foreigners, how has it been done?

"This has happened in the automotive industry over the past few years, but the basic point that comes up is the level of technical knowledge that the Iranian auto industry is looking for in cooperation with its foreign partners.” Abolfazl Khalkhali, expert of auto industry told khodrocar reporter. "It should be determined which automotive industry is looking at what level of technical knowledge transfer, and what kind of program should be considered to achieve this level.”

"The cooperation with foreign partners will definitely translate into the quality of the production of quality vehicles in the country and the transfer of knowledge to some extent, but in almost all parts of the knowledge we have reached saturation and in recent years there have been good experiences in the field of automobile production in the country. And this is the same as the big car makers or the Korean and Chinese automakers have gone through, but the mistake of the Iranian automobile industry is that we have stopped at every point, so if, if we are to be at the level of technical knowledge of an automaker of 100 Score no doubt the score will remain at 10.” He added. 

"Contracts signed by the Iranian automobile industry have ended only with the car assembly, and if they want to make it a car maker, they must acquire knowledge of the design and development of indigenous products, and the transfer of this knowledge from a parent car to the Iranian automotive industry needs to be resolved. One of the most fundamental issues is the planning and development of new products in the field of cooperation and the creation of foreign language ventures.” He said. 

"Korean companies in Europe over the past 50 years have set up European automotive research offices to design new products and transfer know-how, and this is what the Iranian auto industry needs to do to make up to 100 cars and 100 companies. Transfer technical knowledge.” He mentioned. 

These statements indicate that only the conclusion of a contract with foreign partners with the aim of transferring technical know-how does not achieve this goal. Instead, it is necessary to consider planning to design and develop the product with the help of Europeans and relying on their experience.
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