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Publish Date : 06 June 2019 - 09:00
The lack of spare parts and their rising prices is something that drivers have been struggling since last year. Following on from the same issue, the head of the Union of Travel Agents informs of the crash of some vehicles.
Khodrocar_In late May, Alireza Nikain, chairman of the Tehran Mechanics Union, reported a 70 percent increase in the price of motor vehicle oil.

He warned that this would result in car owners switching oil later and ultimately creating major problems for the country's car and air.

The factories claim that the price of imported raw materials has led to a significant increase in the production of motor oils, and the price increase of products has been inevitable.
The chairman of the union of rubber, oil and filter vendors also endorsed the price increase: diesel fuel oil prices rose 60 percent and gasoline oil grew by 70 percent. But pricing and price observation are the responsibility of the Consumer Protection Organization and producers and the organization of industry, mining and trade, and the union has no executive power in this area.

He points to another problem caused by the rise in motor oil prices, saying that the last-mentioned products are being marketed for the day, which has created confusion for oil switching units and final consumers.

Following this, several days later, the secretary of the Association of Truckers Association of the country announced a shortage of truck-powered motors since the beginning of May this year, and said: Despite the official increase of 60 percent, we are seeing a scarcity of truck-powered truck oil on the market.

But a few days later, a spokesman for the government's sovereignty organization said that no license has been sent to the consumer protection body to raise the price of oil, and an increase in the price of illegal car oil has taken place.

In the same relationship, Al-Ansafi, the president of the Union of Passenger Enterprises, said in an interview with the automaker: this year, with the continued growth in the price of tires and motor oils, the prices of these two products have been rising and have created unfavorable conditions for the members of the class. Is. As we have already said in my interviews, our surveys show that oil change and a bus filter are about one million tomans now, making it harder for drivers.

The chairman of the Union of Travel Agents states that there is a shortage of spare parts, "Some vehicles are stuck due to lack of spare parts, and on the other hand, due to the availability of spare parts, the Chinese manufacturer has cost a lot to the owners of the car. Is."

According to the automaker, Fereydoun Ahmadi, Deputy Chairman of the Iranian Parliament's Committee on Industry and Mines, has responded to such problems due to the increase in the price of engine oil. This increase is inevitable because the motor oil in the country is not directly produced and must be applied to materials Initially, there are processes to make it workable. He says the additive (additive) is required for the production of imported motor oil and its price is determined according to the exchange rate. But truckers and industry activists in this field criticize this and say that the price announced for spare parts and equipment in the morning is not up to the age to be able to provide them, engine oil in a month is 3 to 4 times higher And drivers in such circumstances may be reluctant to change oil, and that, according to the chairman of the Mechanics Union, is definitely a dangerous one.
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