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Publish Date : 04 June 2019 - 09:58
In the past few months, when the debate about the scarcity of parts and cars stored at the factory floor was taken seriously by the activists in this area and caused astonishing numbers, it is questioned whether the single-sided policy for the Iranian automotive industry has the advantage does it count?
Khodrocar - An examination of the current trend shows that since world standards have always been based on a single-source system, Iran's automotive industry has faced several problems due to lack of other infrastructure, including 165,000 non-commercial vehicles At the bottom of the factories.

A massive capital that has not been commercialized in the last few months puts the ambiguity about which Iranian automobile industry should implement? Single-source or multi-source?

"The multiplication of the source was made by automakers with the aim of preventing the occurrence of the problem at a particular time, and now part of the single-source components is causing a problem to be supplied. Undoubtedly, single-source is the best method of supply because when a piece of Construction will be given to a high-volume manufacturer, it will be more competitive and more viable when it comes to choosing a large number of sources, but when this law is not followed, it's just a few years later to conclude this They have reached some of the single-sided parts.” An expert of auto industry told khodrocar reporter. 

"Global automakers are always using the single-sided approach, as it is easier to manage, just as Renault's policy in Iran was like this, and for all its components in Iran, it had an acceptable circulation source, and as long as Renault Iran was willing, we did not see the closure of the line.” He said. 

"In Iran Khodro and Saipa, we did not see a lot of sources, but when they turned up for problems in repayments, liquidity, and working capital, they instead of solving the problem began to choose a new source, and they went away from the single-source method, which led to capital It was parallel because it could have entered financially and energyfully into another, but did not do well due to lack of proper management.” He added. 

Nowadays, most of the automakers are concerned about supplying electronic components. Hitech's gear that has made more investment in this area more urgent. While a number of generic components that are high in technology and high-quality printing require the entry of public and semi-public companies in this area, because the production of these components requires a lot of capital, and the private sector is rarely able to It is entering the production of these parts, and these parts will surely be difficult to ignore in the future.

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