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Publish Date : 03 June 2019 - 09:44
However, according to one of the paragraphs of the car market plan, the government must terminate its car industry within a few days by implementing the general policies of Article 44 of the Constitution and the general policies of national production, labor and capital. At a recent meeting of the Delegation, it was agreed with the supply of the remaining government stock in major stock companies such as automakers.
Khodrocar - Based on the decision taken at the meeting, the shares of these companies are to be blocked and placed in the same place in accordance with the regulations to the general public applicants, and the base price of these shares will be approved in accordance with the regulations of the stock pricing.

With these measures, the automotive industry seems to have approached the privatization stage more than ever and is executing this big decision, but the point that is being taken into account is the fate of privatized companies because an examination of previous experience suggests a failure in this regard.

"Perhaps privatization is presented as a solution to improve the industry in the car market design but no solutions have been put forward for that.” Amir Hossein Kakaei told khodrocar reporter. 

"Privatization is a solution that requires the creation of a platform, because it is similar to this in other industries, but it has failed, and so far there has not been a successful example in this regard, for example, the large industrial enterprises have been privatized and, based on this, there is an increase in the profit We have always been the bankruptcy of a large number of licensed units, such as Hepco.” He added. 

"One can call privatization as a great solution, but this question should be answered by the lawyer's lawyers, how good is privatization?” he mentioned. 

"Today, any privatization is not appropriate. While automakers have been privatized in the past and can claim from 14 to 17 percent of state-owned shares, cars are private, so they need to be more precise in privatization, and for private development Provided a solution.” He said.

"If the necessary measures are not taken for this great dream, it should be extremely concerned about the privatization of the automotive industry, as there are many similar experiences in this regard.” He told. 

Privatization in the automotive industry has always been emphasized on the 100% ownership and tutelage of companies, because experts in this area believe that if they only own these companies, these companies will transfer losses from the past with their new owner. Accordingly, in the current context of the issue of transferring shares of automakers, it is necessary to pay close attention to this issue.

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