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Publish Date : 02 June 2019 - 10:24
Some market experts believe that tax policies can remove brokers from the car market and cause a relative stability.
Khodrocar_There are a number of good ways to organize the automotive market on a regular basis, officials and experts have their own ideas, each working out their own way. In the meantime, MPs who had long been involved in organizing a car market plan examined the car pricing reference clause in the public courtroom of the Majles on May 29th and eventually reviewed the competition council as the reference price. The idea is that the competition's return will be offset by market inflammation and the dealership will accumulate from the car market.

But several days later, in addition to the re-entry of the competition council into the car pricing car, there was talk of tax policy. In this regard, Amir Hassan Kakayi, an automotive industry specialist, said: "Given that the car market is still experiencing turbulence, And most of the players in this market are brokers and brokers, it is better to enter into tax and economic organizations to control the activities of these people and consider taxes to buy more than one car.

Seyyedeh Hameedeh Zarabadi, a member of the Majles Industries and Mines Commission, also said: "Taxing car sales can help prevent price increases on four wheels, while the market will also become relatively stable."

In this regard, Mohammad Vatanpour, the auto market activist, said in an interview with the automaker's reporter: "The fact that tax policies can be used to cut the hands of brokers is also workable for the slave. Yes, if 10% to 20% of the tax is taken from the price of a car for sale, then the deal will definitely add up to some. '

"At the moment, speculators are fluttering in the car market, and they can easily raise and lower prices," he adds. Definitely the tax will eliminate their incentive for the Golan in this market. "
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