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Publish Date : 29 May 2019 - 10:38
With regard to the gaps in the car market and the lack of sponsorship in overseeing this market, some outside government officials consider the right strategy to be the backbone of the competition council, but many experts believe that such mistaken decisions will lead to the destruction of the industry.
Khodrocar - A few days ago, Nasser Seraj, chairman of the National Inspector General of the Islamic Republic, wrote in a letter to Jahangiri first deputy chairman, calling for the lifting of the Decree of the Regulatory Authority of the Islamic Republic of Iran on the urgent sale of 20% of automakers' daily production at market margins and the return of the competition council to the realm. 
Seraj in his recent letter to Ishaq Jahangiri, referring to Article 58 of the Law on the Implementation of General Principles of Article 44 of the Constitution, which defines the Constitutional Council to determine the instances and approval of the price regulation, the amount and conditions of access to the market for goods and services, the Council of Competition A misinterpretation of the reference to the pricing of domestic car production is the mistake of the Ninth Meeting of the Economic Coordinating Council, and noted that the car pricing process should go back to the previous process and the competition council.
In the meantime, all those who demand the return of the Council of Competition on the price of cars are that the decisions to gradually reduce prices based on market margin pricing not only do not result in lower prices for automotive products, but also witnessed a sharp rise in prices on the market. And public discontent, they also believe that the role of the consumer protection and producer support organization to control instability in the car market is unclear, and there is no institutionalization on the supply of automotive products and car prices. It's not possible to say that this is not true and to this day the organization has not played a key role in organizing the car market.
"The competition council is the institution that lost 10 trillion toil dollars last year on the hands of automakers, and now it's supposed to complete the complete destruction of the automotive industry, and we are struggling for that.” Amir Hossein Kakaei told khodrocar reporter. 
 "Until this moment, none of the parliamentary decrees on the organization of the automobile market is in vain. These mistaken decisions only put pressure on producers and industrialists, and instead of automakers thinking of increasing production capacity and quality of cars, they constantly engage in pricing margins. Internal payments and wrong decisions will be irreparable.” He added, 
In the current situation, given the margins of the car market and the lack of support organizations in overseeing this market, some officials in the field of oversight outside the government consider the right solution to the competition council, but on the contrary, automakers are opposed to this issue and beliefs They do not have to go back to the council, and the competition council's return is considered to be the cause of the loss of automobile companies.
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