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Publish Date : 26 May 2019 - 10:32
The car market plan was approved last week and after months, and yesterday, a matter was referred to the Parliament Industrial and Mines Commission for further investigation. In the past few days, serious protests have been made to the competition council due to clauses such as the liberalization of the import of hybrid vehicles and the requirement for car makers to submit prices to the competition council.
Khodrocar - The protest against the car market plan was said that a member of the board of directors of the parliament Industries and Mines Commission had already approved some of the clauses such as the obligation of car makers to declare prices to the competition council due to the insistence of one of the designers of the plan, as indicated There are no comprehensive studies in this area. According to Abdollah Razian, the effect of the automobile engineering plan was conditional on the country's exit from the unusual and economic conditions of the country. Considering the country's being in the economic situation, the full implementation of the car industry plan was not feasible in this situation, but conditional on the normalization of the economy situation.

"All material of this project has been approved, and only Article 9 of this draft has been referred to the Commission for Industry and Mines for further investigation.” Vali Maleki, speaker of industry and mine commission told khodrocar reporter. 

"This article defines the conditions for worn-out vehicles for banning traffic in the automotive sector, with parliamentarians agreeing to refer the project to the Mines and Industries Commission for further review.” He added. 

"The plan was a maladaptive plan that was adopted in an unfavorable situation. The executive will not be extracted from the project, and the clauses such as the announcement of the price to the competition council, as in the past, do not cost much of this industry because the point is that the council does not accept the documentation of the automakers.” He added. 

"This clause will also not cover the disease and will only increase its dependence abroad and increase the consumption of scarce currency, while the bidders believe that the plan is different from the one prepared a year ago. And the new design has been extracted, in general, is not an interesting proposition, and it's just a decree to work on.” He said. 

"When production problems are not resolved, these problems will reoccur again over the next few months, so this is counterproductive, and in the market segment, there is a temporary lack of basic solution to solve problems.” He mentioned. 

The referral of one of the paragraphs of the car registration plan and the emphasis of the speaker of the Islamic Consultative Assembly on the ambiguity of the plan shows that the automobile market is not perfect. The project, which was based on the hope of improving the automotive industry, is now looking to improve the car market, regardless of the industry, which should not be expected despite the expected ones.
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