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Publish Date : 25 May 2019 - 11:17
Sales of surplus real estate have come to car company policies to be effective in increasing the return on assets and injecting financial resources into production lines. If the growing trend of automakers' production continues, it may end up the swing days of automakers in the glasshouse.
Khodrocar_In the fluctuation period of the stock exchange index last week, we saw a slight fluctuation in comparison with previous weeks, and this trend has not affected the car's icon. The car's group, which was quite green a few weeks ago, was relatively quiet in the past week compared to other stock market symbols.

 The increase in production in the automotive industry in the past few months, and in particular in the Saipa group, seems to have caused the group to have a say in the car forum. The decisions that have been heard suggest that it will increase in capital, it will be hoped that in the coming days, the stock of this automotive group will move the stairs up the charts.

Last week, the IKCO industrial group sold its shares of 10,000 and 942 billion Rials from the year 92 to the end of the year 97, and sold the shares of other lucrative and low-yielding companies according to the order of the Minister of industry, Mining and trade will continue this year.

Sales of real estate and surplus real estate have been among the policies of Iran Khodro to increase the return on assets and to inject financial resources into production lines. The company has been able to raise funds by more than 7,000 billion Rials from the year 92 to 97 through the sale of surplus real estate.

 "Part of this situation was due to fundamental changes and partly because of the overall market situation. In the fundamental changes, some of the events, including the sale of companies on the margin of the good market, were good news for automotive companies, but it was a positive one, but in contrast to the discussion of car pricing by the competition council, as well as weak reports of some symbols, including a report Which released Saipa Diesel, triggered radical changes.” Homayoun Darabi, an expert of market and finance told khodrocar reporter. 

 "Saipa announced a loss of 1,000 and 908 billion Tomans in a report that highlighted the company's financial problems for the year. The company also suffered from bad financial condition and paid 2,650 billion USD in earnings in 1997. Saipa Diesel also claimed a loss of one hundred and 95 tons per share, indicating a 128 percent loss in 1997. This situation has shown that the basic conditions of car companies are far from perfect.” He added. 

"These plans seem to be a major part of their goal of reducing the company's losses and getting them out of the crisis, although some car makers do not have the courage to make a real decision to transfer their assets. Most issues remain at the level of the letter and do not materialize. Regarding the refinement, though due to the fraction of the share price in the stock market, it creates a kind of excitement and desire to buy, but in reality it is on the terms of the companies because it enters liquidity into the company Does not have a specific effect.” He said.

The volatility of the automotive group in the capital market after the growth of its stock is affected by the problems that almost all of the car companies are collar with. But what we can see is that car companies are trying to increase their companies' capital by evaluating their assets and transferring their shares and properties and transferring shares of other companies that have lost their returns. If this trend continues, we might see an increase in the stock market share of the automobile in the glass room.
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