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Publish Date : 24 May 2019 - 09:00
Emphasize of standard organization for doing 85 standards is happening while the industry is struggling with different sanction difficulties since last year.
Khodrocar- The deputy of national standard organization has said that they won’t extend the deadline for 85 standards and the request to stop production of 4 cars. In this situation, is it logical to insist of this standards and put pressure on automakers? This is happening while most of obligations of automakers is for the cars which are in the list of production stop.

"It seems that car makers and the National Standard Organization are working with bilateral engagement to delay standards.” Farshid Shokr Khodaei, vice president of national quality association told khodrocar reporter.

"When the minimum standards are not observed, it is better to stop production of that product. At the moment, the Airbag sensor is one of the single parts and since several specific companies are producing it, its supply and imports have been hit by sanctions, while many vehicles The reason for the lack of this piece is non-traded and not introduced.” He added.

"Automakers have to focus on producing high-quality cars and even enforce standards even at times of sanctions, although they are currently in trouble with some parts, but based on knowledge-based companies and the support of professional builders, they can work to go ahead.” He said.

"Despite the pressure on the organization to monitor the standard of the cars, it's important that it takes time and time for the automaker to work to resolve the issue and give it more time to pay attention to the facilities. Existing standards will be required in this industry, however, we emphasize the principle of compliance, and this seems to be solvable in a two-way interaction.” He added.

"Carmakers emphasize that the sanctions and restrictions created by it hinder compliance with the standards, which seem to be resolved in a bilateral engagement, because the National Standard also legally permits this permission which prevents the production of quality and non-standard goods, and there is a legal mechanism in this regard.” He said.

"Delivering timely vehicles and fulfilling obligations alone is not enough, but it's about producing a high-quality car, even if the restrictions imposed by the sanctions pushes car makers.” He mentioned. "Most likely, the National Standards Organization will agree with car manufacturers on the deadline of the standards, and the time frame will be agreed upon, but the key issue must be supported, while more time is given to the automaker. In the current circumstances, automobile restrictions are also to be considered.”

The statements made indicate the need for standards in the automotive industry, but whether the implementation of these laws and the imposition of dual pressure on the automotive industry in the current situation, and at a time when the industry needs more protection than any other time by maintaining manpower and providing liquidity , Is it necessary?

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