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Publish Date : 22 May 2019 - 09:24
The reinstatement of the competition council to the car pricing area based on the market design has become a major challenge to the automotive industry over the past years due to this model of pricing, with a lot of losses.
Khodrocar_In Article 6 of the proposal to Article 6 of the draft, the deputies approved the council to enter the price of the car. According to the bill, the MPs required car manufacturers to calculate the price of the car, the percentage of profit and the definitive price when selling cars, and To announce to the High Council of Competition. Violation of this offense is considered a crime and, if the car manufacturers violate this, they will be sentenced to one of the penalties of grade 6 of article 19 of the Islamic Penal Code, approved on February 1, 2012. These conditions, while reviewing the experience of past years, have shown that the trend has failed, so that the car industry has been detrimental to the market and reduced the market.

" While we could cure a deep wound in the automotive industry last year, the situation is such that we have to solve automotive problems with chemotherapy, and the main reason for this is the complications and injuries caused by pricing." Saeed Madani, an expert of auto industry told khodrocar reporter. 

"All of this is rooted in the ideas of the Contracts and Pricing Council, and now we are returning to the Stone Age, and there are still irrational statements by the chairman of the Competition Council that there is a reduction in the production of automakers with the goal of rising car prices.” He added. "Undoubtedly, the problems of the automotive industry have nothing to do with this council, and one of the problems that will increase the problems will be to refer to the council and ask for it.”

"The competition council speaks out of monopoly that the council should go to the commodities and industries in which there is real monopoly. This is despite the fact that if there is exclusivity in the automotive industry, this monopoly has been created by the council and the current pricing system.” He added. 

"When a car such as Pride or Peugeot proportional to rising prices does not allow price increases, capital holders and importers intending to import a car at this price range will not be able to import a car with these specifications and prices. This process will stop the import of these cars and nobody will think about importing these cars, which will eventually lead to monopolization in the market and eliminate the competitive environment.” He said. 

"But if the price of a Pride car is priced or priced on the margin of the market, Pride or Peugeot cars will be able to import in global standards, so a competitive space will be created at a price of 50 million tomans, creating this margin of profit It will encourage other competitors to invest and, in these conditions, we will see the entry of these vehicles into a competitive environment.” He told. 

"With this definition, the monopoly created in the automotive industry has been attributed to the competition council, now by lowering the price of cars or, in other words, demolition cars that the automaker did not want, and regulatory agencies forced the automakers to make this process inevitable. Exit other competitors from the market.” He clarified. 

"We have always seen that most of the cars that came in were in the range of cars that were not capable of production in Iran or were expensive and had their own customers, so the Pride and Peugeot cars did not enter the country. Because when a company enters a country for production or import, it will look for the car at which price it sells in Iran. In this situation, if the price of a car like Pride is real, it will import a car equivalent to that price in this context, it creates a competitive atmosphere and creates a diverse market for the middle class.” Former manager of SAIPA said. 

"An examination of the current trend shows that the monopoly created by the presence and performance of the competition council, an economic system must have an analyst who does not currently happen, and this has led to industries such as steel, aluminum Lead, zinc, petrochemicals and even outdoor appliances.” He mentioned. 

"These batches of products are exported at world prices, allowing them to sell at a higher price, without being supervised by them, that this profit margin has led to their growth, because the government It has the least interference with them, and maybe its managers are determined by the government, but it does not interfere with the pricing and even export of that state, which will increase its stock on a daily basis.” He said. 

These statements are made while the model is a grammatical pricing for many years, which is not implemented in any economy, because along with the damage this industry has led to the monopoly and the disappearance of the competitive atmosphere in the automotive industry, and, as a matter of fact, repeat this Experience can impose worse effects on the body of the automotive industry.

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