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Publish Date : 20 May 2019 - 09:00
A while ago, following the arrival of foreign companies to Iran, the formation of joint venture companies with leading brands in the world at a cost of billions has become one of the most important achievements of the post JCPOA period, and the expectation for the production of pieces has begun.
Khodrocar - This hope did not last long, and as the foreign car industry exits from the automotive industry, the contractors also said that these joint ventures were not able to continue working with Iran because of the lack of contract points, and that time the huge costs of part makers became a challenge.

Activists in this area have indicated that there is a lack of strong link between the automaker and the instrument maker and the lack of awareness of the contractors by the contractors as the main reason for this trend, and believe that these contracts, which are better to name it as a pre-contract, are very committed to the foreign party he has not stayed in Iran.

"There are a lot of discontent with the performance of car makers among the part makers. Meanwhile, industry owners across the world are looking for win-win relationships with component makers as well as high-interactions.” Reza Rezaei told khodrocar reporter.

"The part maker must make sure that the team of developers who are involved in this course or in joint ventures sends a visit to the training courses because the machine tool is being spent and that if the maker does not see the component, Or only the market behavior of a piece of machine, the tool will definitely not achieve the objectives of quality, timely delivery and updating of machines and technical knowledge, as we already see this situation.” He said.

"Part makers were hope to see a relation with big companies under the JCPOA umbrella and in contracts see the now a day technical knowhow and technology. In practice it didn’t happen at all and made a second pressure on the shoulder of part makers which invest in this matter.” He said. "The part maker also needs to know that it is working in a space that needs updating, increasing manpower, research and development skills, so the toolmaker must work with certain goals in the upgrade, and his relationship with the automaker in the contracts is a win-win relationship.”

"In the world, there is a relationship and trust between the two sides, and both of them are an upsurge in car prices, but new contracts are just a burning opportunity for the automaker and the maker, while this should not happen, while it was possible for the automotive industry By choosing an expert who has a high level of learning skills and research, developers could also make car makers dependent on updating their machines.” He said.

"In the world, it is customary for a car that enters a country with the purpose of investing, the cost of the template and special tools dedicated to a specific piece of money is paid by the foreign company. These conditions were stipulated in the Iranians' agreement with foreign companies to pay the installment of this component to Iran, and within 5 years this amount was paid to the piece by the foreigners with the benefit of the foreigners. This process is in the negotiation of my servant. Peugeot CEO Tavares emphasized, but he stated that it was agreed with carmakers.” He talked to our contracts.

"In this regard, the Iranian component makers came to the sensitivity of the foreign automakers, with 110 pieces of machinery for this cooperation, which was successful in obtaining a score that was signed in this way, and the contracts were signed, but the contracts did not have the aspect of follow-up and operation, so that in The present fate of the capital of the contractors who made large investments under this contract is unclear, and the contractors only became heirs of the tremendous cost of the contract, which to date has not been accountable in any way and no institution is accountable.” He said.

In this situation, when the makers are more in need of liquidity than ever, the arrival of accountable organizations and compensation of the detriment of the contractors can reduce the pain of their pain. Perhaps if the cooperation of foreign car makers with the Iranian automotive industry was stronger, today we did not see the windfall of part-makers.

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