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Publish Date : 19 May 2019 - 10:40
Including unrealistic and false prices on sites has led to the removal of market prices for carriers to intermediary site administrators. Though after a short time the prices returned to the site with new conditions, it seems that the Association of Automobile Exhibitors did not cooperate with these sites and ordered the removal of prices again.
Khodrocar_ Recently, the head of the National Center for Fighting National and Organized Crime Feta Police Police has reportedly clashed with dealers who are pricing false pricing in the automotive and real estate market and announced that the removal of car and housing market prices to intermediary site managers Has been communicated.

In the meantime, many experts in this area argued that the elimination of prices would shorten the hands of brokers from this market, and nobody can ever raise or lower prices with a formal advertisement. But there was the question of how effective the elimination of prices would be and whether these ads could be controlled for a long time, and is this method commonly used in the world at all?

The decision was made at a meeting with the Prosecutor's Office, the Automobile Union and the Platforms to determine the members of the Automobile Union to set realistic and market-leading prices that would be considered as capping prices on sites, and vendors could ultimately be able to price the goods Change itself to 2% of the set price limit.

But while prices have been dropped from sales sites, Reza Al Fatanb, spokeswoman for the Internet Business Association, pointed out the lack of cooperation between car dealerships and ad sites to control fair pricing in car sales advertisements, "after removing the price of ads The sale of cars was done in coordination with the Automobile Union to give us a list of car prices every day, and the advertiser's sites, based on this list, would control the insertion of prices in car sales ads so that speculators can not afford false pricing. Marketplace but unfortunately The car showers union strongly delayed the daily listings and eventually gave us a list of 40 car prices; then, in the last price list given to us, a list of 25 cars was announced to us. ; At the same time, at least 250 car brands are being bought and sold on ad sites. "

Analyst Ali Najafi told Automotive News Correspondent: "The inclusion of unrealistic and false prices on sites, while not in use, has further aggravated market turmoil. As I said before, when a product is supposed to be built on a purchase or sale, the authenticity of the ad, the originality of the goods and the authenticity of the price must be paid, and then the sites will publish the relevant advertisement. "

He cites these problems and says: "The reason for such problems is pricing in the first place. When pricing is not right, some are looking for windfall profits to deal with and use any space to achieve their goals. Cyberspace has also grown locally in these days. "

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