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Publish Date : 15 May 2019 - 10:10
The pricing of domestic cars has been challenging for many years, and although the government has made various solutions to this challenge in recent years, there has still not been a way to save the market from inflammation. In this case, profits and speculators Turmoil the market has added.
Khodrocar_What determines the price of the sponsorship organization, whether the board's entry into the pricing case and now that the pricing has been assigned to the market regulator, none has until now been able to meet the needs of the car market, and each time with temporary cartilage cartilage inflammation It is fitted.

All the solutions that the government has taken to determine the price of the car to date, the market did not show any positive feedback, and if indicated, it has only been for a short time and after a while, the inflammation has returned to the car market.

Mohammad Sadeghi, an economics expert in the field, told Automkar's correspondent: "The government's policy of suppression and price suppression disturbs the car market and cuts car makers with losses of several billion tomans. The turmoil of the market has led many real customers to buy and sell cars, or just out of the market. "

"Whenever the car industry was not sanctioned, today, when the industry faced US sanctions, there has always been a debate about car pricing issues, and government officials still do not want to accept that other pricing is the rule," he added. In any market, it does not meet the needs of that market. "

Sadeqi says: "As long as there are two-way prices in the car market and there are several millionths of a distance between the factory and the car market, there will be brokering and mediation in this market and we have to wait for inflammation in this market," Sadiqi said.

It seems like the time has come to get the market out of the hands of suppliers and consumers, and to get a shorter price quotation. Although the liberalization of prices always has its own opponents and there are no infrastructure and conditions, but it may not be bad for the government to try it out.

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