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Publish Date : 12 May 2019 - 09:00
4 days ago America’s government signed new sanctions against Iran, these sanctions are focusing on steel industry and all producers of steel, iron, aluminum and copper are contain in this sanction. He gave 90 days to Iran’s partners to finalize their works.
Khodrocar – This may seem as a limitation for the income of exportation in the first sight but in deep this may help the local industries like auto industry. this industry is most depended in steel and during recent months it had different challenges due to price increment.

"When a good can’t be export then it will be more for local use and its price will decrease then this price reduction is effecting on car price because cars are made from steel.” Amir Hossein Kakaei, an expert of auto industry told khodrocar reporter.

"Because the price of some first material will decrease then it would be beneficial for the auto industry but sometimes it is opposite and we will see that producers are trying to recover their loss from the local buyers and price will increase.” He said.

"We can’t predict the future properly right now but logically price should decrease and it will be better to be supplied for auto industry.” he added. "This industry is facing with high price of first material also lack of supplying these materials is another problem. Right now prices are competitive in stock which is not transparent at all and continuing of this matter will increase the challenges of this industry but it’s been expected that will solve with ban of exportation.”

"Clearly, the increase in the production of automobile production is in the best interests of all because the automotive industry was set up with the goal of generating more value added, rather than exporting raw materials, so increasing circulation is excellent in principle, but the problem is that the issue has always been the reverse And everyone is looking to compensate for their costs in any way.” He mentioned.

"The United States is increasingly struggling the Iranian industry and economy, and in this context, the government must have a decent program, because topical remedies have a huge impact that needs to focus on this industry and to solve problems. It was designed to allow the car to be rationalized and at least double its current status without any doubt, in the interests of everyone, including the automobile market, the steelmaker, the aluminum maker.” He added.

There is no doubt that it is possible to create any opportunity threat, provided that it has a certain planning, and in such a situation, in the 90-day period of these companies, they could increase the program of production with the purpose of domestic industry demand and While increasing production, it reduced its costs. On the other hand, instead of exporting these metals, the industries that use these materials could be turned into industrial exports.

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