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Publish Date : 11 May 2019 - 10:02
For some time, the sale of counterfeit and second-hand items has flourished rather than the original parts in the spare parts market. This problem, which has been launched since last year, continues in the new year as well.
Khodrocar_ in this condition fake parts have made customers to return to repair shops. Poor quality parts which put people's life in danger. 

officials beileves that in current condition original part makers are trying to cover theb failure of production lines. So brokers are checking the market and use the chance to full the market with fake parts. these parts are not recognizable for people.

"No changes has happened in the market and shortage of spare part is still here. Selling parts without guarantee is rising in market." Alireza Nikaeen told khodrocar reporter.

"We ask officials to be concern about this matter and make a decision to make this condition better." he added.

according to this condition price of parts has increased and it is not beneficial to repair or change the damaged parts.
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