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Publish Date : 10 May 2019 - 09:20
Importing second handed cars has become a topic in the recent days in media and there are different opinion about it but secretary of vehicle importing association said that this is a populist and deviant argument.
Khodrocar_Only a few days after the news of the liberalization of Chinese second-car exports and their entry into the Middle East, statements were made to import these vehicles to the country, where our country's ambassador stated on Twitter that "the issue of importing second-hand vehicles with high quality that can significantly reduce the price of suitable cars in Iran is also worthy of serious consideration.” 

He also said for many years, many countries, even countries such as Russia, China and India, which own a domestic automobile industry, have been instrumental in welfare of the people, market management, lowering prices and increasing environmental standards, importing second-hand cars of major car companies with tariffs and quality assurance.

"What difference does it make if the car is new or second-hand? When they both are exiting the money out of the country.” Mehdi Dadfar, secretary of vehicle importers association told khodrocar reporter. 

"In a period of time, the shareholder state was a car company and, because of its influence on these companies, banned the import of secondhand cars, because the prices of these cars fell from 25 to 70 to 80 percent, and in this The conditions for the purchase of a lower-end exterior car for a zero-kilometer car were forbidden in practice because of the preservation of the domestic automotive market.” He added. 

"During that period, the possibility of the implementation of the plan was not operational and the introduction of such a discussion in the current conditions that the government faces in the economic and currency war is only a deviant point, and even thinking about this issue is unpleasant, because the subject matter Destroys.” He said. 

"In the current situation, the question arises: there was no reason why imports of second-hand cars were not released when import and production took place. So talking about this is to waste time and deviate from the subject matter, and will not yield results.” He added. 

"Meanwhile, if zero-kilometer vehicles are allowed to import through foreign capital, the second-hand vehicle does not have this opportunity and it must be withdrawn from the country, so these statements are not correct in the current state of the country and only a populist task It distracts the minds from the point of departure of the depot cars from the customs, while our problem is not importing because the government is in a state of economic warfare and does not have currency for importing cars.” He mentioned. 

"There is a theory that every person should be able to import a car every time in his lifetime every 10 years, provided that the company is present in Iran and does not need to obtain permission from the company. So that entry into the country only depends on the presence of its representative in the country, not on the provision of services.” Dadfar said. 

"Therefore, the introduction of second-class car imports in current foreign exchange and economic war conditions is not necessary, while infrastructure and its laws are not available in the country, although in these circumstances, only the creation of a free-choice market will lead to an increase in consumer satisfaction.” He added. 

These cases are emphasized while, according to activists in this area, second-class vehicles need to withdraw from the country to provide their currency, and, conversely, the importation of new cars does not have any sources of supply for them. It should now be seen that the relevant authorities in the Ministry of Industry, Customs and etc. take a decision on this matter.

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