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Publish Date : 08 May 2019 - 09:24
After the 40 thousand billion IRRs facility increased the production in auto industry, effort to take the rest of predicted facility increased but repayment shall be in exchange so part makers don’t see this facility to be useful.
Khodrocar - Now, in the most recent action of the Compactors Association, while solving this problem, it has been acting on the short-term financing of the required components of the contractors, which hopes for the prosperity of these decisions, along with the allocation of as soon as expected facilities.

"Supply of currencies is currently the main problem for all importers, but since the time in the piece industry is of high importance, and the need for order registration with the aim of supplying raw materials in the shortest possible time, supply of currency is very important.” Maziyar Beigloo, secretary of part making association told khodrocar reporter. 

"At the moment, some producers want to import the raw materials they need to import, but the allocation of foreign currency at the central bank is time-consuming, so that the central bank is able to supply the currency needed for that period in the country. Or that the equivalent currency allocates that currency does not have the benefit of the makers.” He added. 

"At a meeting with the deputy minister, this issue was raised and emphasized that the current process created problems in production that was instructed by the Ministry of Industry and the Central Bank in the joint weekly meetings, the list of producers whose time of allocation of foreign currency to them more than one The moon will be announced to the central bank in order to prioritize and allocate the currency they need.” He said. 

"The situation was such that even one of the makers remained in the queue for 4 months, because it needed the euro, but because of the restrictions imposed by the sanctions, the central bank did not have the required euro and it was not possible to provide it. The process had slowed down.” He mentioned. 

"The prediction of the number of companies covered by this issue is not possible, but it certainly does not include a high percentage of the manufacturers, but at the same time we are talking about a vehicle, a shortage of goods that prevents the commercialization of that car. If even one percent of the inventors are subject to a shortage of currency and unable to produce, the car production process will be stopped.” He added. 

"The rally of this disturbing facility is a comment, because the fact is that the settlement of this facility will be in the form of a rial and a fixed interest rate on the bank.” He said.

"According to forecasts, it is set to pay up to 844 million euros in China, and every number paid to any company, vehicle and vehicle, the number of rial stabilized and the settlement time, which is 9 months later, is a figure in the form of a rial with a standard profit The bank will be paid with the risk that the price increase will be eliminated.” He said.

"Negotiations on this issue were carried out and going through their administrative lines. Of course, the request of the contractors to receive the facility was 25 trillion Toman, which in the Resistance and Residential Chiefs of Staff numbers dropped to 11 trillion Toman The present is only less than half that required, and the rest is still in the administrative system.” He said. 
"With this process, the system is unmanageable and it is imperative that the central bank, by the end of April, put this figure at the disposal of the automaker and the maker to supply and import the raw materials, certainly since this figure is more towards Foreign purchases are driven, but rials that are free of liquidity are distributed among non-euro component producers, which will be a major contributor to the liquidity of the makers.” He said.

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