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Publish Date : 07 May 2019 - 10:12
Car price which was increasing madly is reducing after cyber brokers removed from marke. Meanwhile some thinks that this is a temporary relief.
Khodrocar_After the New Year's holiday, the car market regained its inflammation and smell. However, despite the continued supply and sale of automakers, this inflammation has not been diminished. For this purpose, with the aim of helping and managing the crisis by the law enforcement and judicial authorities, sites such as the wall and the Bamah in the messages of the temporary removal of the price display in their car advertisements They gave. With the elimination of these prices, at least one or two days ago, prices in the car market seem to be falling, and somewhat lowered by car dealers from the car market.

But is it really a good way to keep track of prices from shopping and selling sites? Or is it just a temporary accommodation for the downfall of the market fever?

In the same vein, Ali Najafi, the automobile market activist, told Automotive News Corp. "There is no deal at the moment and the car market is almost stagnant, but if we want to compare the market with the past few days, domestic car prices are about five percent, and rates Montage cars dropped by between five and 15 percent.

"The inclusion of unrealistic and false prices on sites, while not in use, has further aggravated the turmoil," he continues. When a product is supposed to be placed on a building for purchase or sale, the originality of the ad, the originality of the goods and the authenticity of the price of the bug should be made and then the sites will publish the relevant advertisement. But to what extent this is feasible, this should be examined by cybercafe experts. "

"The reason for such problems is, in the first place, pricing is incorrect," Najafi added. When pricing is not right, some are looking for windfall profits to deal with and use any space to achieve their goals. Cyberspace has also grown locally in these days. "

Asked whether the price will be eliminated in the long run, he says: "Removing prices from cyberspace can create temporary mental relaxation for the people, but consider it as an active participant in the car market to eliminate the price. The car from the sites is not right for the long term and can not be looked at as a solution. "

 Many experts believe that cross-sectoral solutions to reduce the inflammation of different markets are only in the short term, and pricing policies need to be fine for a long time. Still, the capital's look at the car keeps the automotive market inflammatory, and it can not be thought of as a long-term car market until the liquidity of the wandering people is gathered and the economy is inflamed.
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