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Publish Date : 06 May 2019 - 09:31
While keeping the current production rate is a goal and next level is increasing the production compare to last year, part makers are worrying about supplying first material.
Khodrocar – part makers believe that if 70 thousand billion IRRs facility doesn’t inject to the industry soon, all first materials will finish within 2 or 3 months the proving the production boost slogan is going to be hard. 

"The demands of the makers of automakers were about 20 trillion tomans, paying 4 trillion tomans to only one-fifth of the debt, while only 20 percent of the carmakers' partners were assigned, and it can be said that about 80 percent of the makers have not received.” Mehdi Motaleb Zadeh, vice president of part makers association told khodrocar reporter. 

"Producers who received part of their demands from the site also made payments to suppliers of raw materials and downstream producers, not all of which was for the purchase of raw materials, but only a small amount allocated to the supply of raw materials that stuff is also over.” He added. "It was allocated in the winter of last year and it is natural that with the increase in the production of component manufacturers during this period, this material will end.”

"As long as the materials needed for the production of the active members of this field are not improved, the industry will not improve. Today, the piece industry requires raw materials and machinery, but it will surely be able to produce materials with the old ones even with old machines.” He said. 

"This requires a lot of capital that is currently not feasible. In this situation, part of the work is going forward with the hope of the future, while the horizons need to be developed and the economic stability should be increased to make the investments made fruitful.” He added.

"Currently, due to the existing conditions, part of the products of automakers can’t be commercialized, so that there are about 100,000 incomplete cars at the bottom of the factories that, if supplied with the raw materials needed for the industry, the parts of these cars are completed and marketed. This will slow down the market, which will lead to price balances, and will also be responsible for the obligations of the automakers, and the instrument maker can also hope to receive their claims.” He said. 

"The only high-tech rollout does not come into the automotive industry, as the number of vehicles will not be commercialized due to lack of raw materials. These conditions, while according to automobile law, should allocate their pre-sales to the machine tool, which in practice does not do this, but if realized, it can help supply the raw materials of the piece industry.” He said. 

"Undoubtedly, in the absence of anticipation of the right solutions and the removal of positive steps to solve the problems, summer will be very difficult for the makers. However, the adjustment of power is now becoming the biggest concern of the industry sector actors because of the forced adjustment of force it's very painful that we have been training for them for years and cooperating well with them.” He added.

Providing raw materials for the segment industry is emphasized by the activists of this field. Looking at the experience of several months ago, the automotive industry and factory floor statistics show that the realization of the boom of production and planning to maintain the current circulation of automakers and even increase it, in The stock is the supply of raw materials to the piece industry. Otherwise, it would not be possible to sustain production.
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