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Publish Date : 04 May 2019 - 09:29
According to experts and managers, the product boom does not require a legal mechanism as well as a new law, and only a reliance on managerial debates can be achieved, along with providing liquidity to industrial units.
Khodrocar - The statements of Mohammad Reza Aref, the representative of Tehran's people about the prosperity of production, are based on this, and he emphasizes that the parliament, in cooperation with the executive agencies, can solve the problem of industrial units. While the automotive industry has been banned from the past by so many years ago, it has suffered a disruption of performance, coupled with a lack of liquidity, which has always been offset by demands from automakers, and has caused unfavorable conditions in the automotive this situation the question is does supplying liquidity fill the gaps of the auto indsutry? 

"Although some of the current problems in the automotive industry can be attributed to management practices, the current necessity of the automotive industry is to change the current industry situation.” Arman Khaleghi, vice president of House of Industry, Mine and Trade told Khodrocar reporter. "If any shortage of cars in the country is due to the inability to produce and import and is beyond the control of the driver and the fault of the automaker is established, then it is necessary to apply to the financing of the automaker and also to change the laws with the aim of production lubrication.”

"Boosting leasing with a view to making it easier to purchase, followed by a boom in production, a modification in vehicle sales, and a supply can improve the conditions in the automotive industry, because the registration method in the automotive industry is not the logical method that is needed to change Rules apply.” He added. 

"The current process can make people buy cars and convert cars from durable goods to capital goods, and when the previous approach changes, the car does not have a past performance, in which case it is necessary to change the look of the vehicle because the acceleration the purchase of a car with the sole purpose of investing will stimulate market inflammation and create conditions for the development of intermediation that need to be addressed, otherwise, with the current look, the automotive industry will not be a good point.” He said. 

"In the situation where car makers pre-sell cars and cash in cash and deliver cars for several months, they do not need new liquidity, and, given these conditions, facilities for the automotive industry will not be meaningful, but should be subject to existing rules. In this way, attention was paid and if necessary, it was corrected.” He continued. 

"Right now, there are no laws about dealing with the supply chain, as well as fair sales, which could improve the industry, along with the management of the automotive industry.” He told. 

Perhaps, in other words, the law on eliminating barriers to production adopted by the Islamic Consultative Assembly has been reviewed by the Parliament and the necessity of each industry is specifically addressed.
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