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Publish Date : 07 September 2017 - 09:15
After so many years, now it is time to say goodbye to one of the best selling and old platforms. The pride’s production line soon will be shut down while nobody took responsibility for producing old platforms yet.
KHODROCAR- Shutting old platform’s production line down has become a public request in recent years and eventually, one of the cheapest and also oldest products of Iran’s auto industry will go to rest at the end of this year.
This topic became hot after the ministry of industry, mine and trade regulation for closing the production line of the pride and Peugeot 405 revealed. Mohamad Reza Nematzadeh, minister of industry, mine and trade at the time, said it is just an inner regulation. After all, increasing the number of car standards in next year force the companies to finish the production of the poor quality and not safe platforms. 
Right now, Iran’s National Standards Organization and Department of Environment believe that old platform production has to finish, but companies are closing their production lines slowly because of the following reasons:
•  Iranian companies are not able to design new platforms 
•  There is no successor for the cheap cars 
•  Market’s potential
•  Iranian companies can not update their product very well 
Some experts criticize auto part manufacturers because they didn’t try to update themselves and that could be a reason for old platforms late exit. 
 "Automakers have to follow a procedure that begins with designing and continue to develop the auto parts, production and marketing, but, this procedure is not complete in Iran.” Hasan Karimi Senjari said to Khodrocar reporter. "Automakers who can’t update the old platforms are going to lose the relation with the auto part manufacturer. As we said Iran’s automaking cycle is not complete so manufacturers would use old foreign platforms for years instead of designing new ones."
He said, "Auto parts makers were investing on old platforms for many years, so starting the production of new platforms would force them to redesign all of their activities from the beginning.”
 "There are two ways to be a perfect automaker, first, companies have to follow a complete auto making cycle or be a part of the foreign company production cycle so they can update the platform through the mother company.” He mentioned. "Iranian companies are categorized in neither of these ways so they can’t finish the old platform production easily.” 
After all, auto part manufacturers are problems in the way of platform changing because automakers are not sure about the new platforms spare parts as long as auto part manufacturers are not updated. It is important to mention that automakers have significant debts to auto part companies which can be a good financial support for them to develop.

Khodrocar Translator: Amin Zamani

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