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Publish Date : 02 May 2019 - 10:23
Car price is increasing while the pre selling is continuing and automakers are supplying the market. Meanwhile brokers are making tention in the market.

Khodrocar_The car prices are still rising in the new year, and the increasing trend continues.

Some experts believe that the main drivers of market turmoil are the government and the producer and consumer protection organization, which did not have proper planning and supervision for this market. The dealers also have the opportunity to boot up, and in this market turmoil they are thinking of their own profits and they will add to the turmoil of the market.

Although some believe that the price of the dollar has been ineffective in this continuous rise in prices, the price of the dollar has risen by about 4 thousand tomans compared to March, which has led to more inflation.

"The owners of cars are the culprits for the recent astronomical prices, and the look of the capital that the car exits, even if a car comes from automakers, so that after its delivery," said Mohammad Madadi, a car dealer in the same vein. To sell more expensive. Failure to monitor the car market and the disappearance of the people's capital look at the rise in prices.

He continued: "It's not like the car brokers and car dealerships that have been hurting the car market," he said.

In this regard, Mohammad Reza Tabesh, has said that automakers are less likely to be blamed on this issue, and the main responsibility lies with officials and decision makers who lack effective strategy and action plans to meet the challenges. And making decisions at the right time has created this situation, and now we are seeing hundreds of billions of dollars in the money flowing from the pockets of dealers.

Most car market experts and experts believe that the continuation of this trend is in the interests of no one, not car makers benefit from it, nor consumers. Since the car, as one of the indicators of inflation, will have a huge impact on the growth of the inflation rate, which ultimately will be detrimental to the economy.

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