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Publish Date : 01 May 2019 - 09:00
However the auto industry was one of the first industries went under sanctions but meanwhile we have to know shipping is other important part of economy that got in sanction during the same time.
Khodrocar – surly shipping is one of the most strategic part of economy in any country and size of this economy part shows that during problems it could have bad effects. Recently, transporting goods has faced with different problems after the sanctions and because of that most of other industries has faced with problems for supplying first material and equipment.

In such a situation, the question arises as to how much the boycott of shipping as one of the downstream industries in the automotive industry has affected the performance of this industry?

"At present, all Liner shipping lines, including Iran's Islamic Shipping Company or Apatliv for Iran, have been banned, and these shipping lines do not bring any cargo to Iran.” Javad Semsarilor, strategic president of Iran’s Transportation and Logistic told khodrocar reporter.

"Since Iranian shipping is being sanctioned for the second time, the routes through which sanctions have been circumvented are also identified and their routes blocked, so there is no way to circumvent the restrictions.” He added.

"Nowadays, due to such conditions, none of the shipping lines dare to transport Iranian goods, while no bank is allowed to engage in financial transactions with Iran. Meanwhile, over the past two weeks, two foreign banks have been fined 12 billion USD because of the circumvention of US sanctions and cooperation with Iran, according to which no bank would want to cooperate with Iran.” He said.

"All the conditions have been locked the way for Iran, and although it is possible to circumvent sanctions by relying on the dealers, there will be a risk that the money and money will be destroyed together and will not be guaranteed at all. There are no destinations to reach the destination.” He continued.

"In addition to not ensuring the health and well-being of the goods, this action will increase costs so that if it was spent in a period of time of $ 100, today it would have to be paid $ 2,000, while the reluctance of foreign countries it is due to cooperation with Iran.” He mentioned.

The statements made by this logistics activist indicate that the shipping and shipping lines are not very favorable. These conditions mean that, in addition to external sanctions, there are some restrictions within the country that make access to raw materials of the automotive industry harder today than ever. Since transporters are not possible to circumvent sanctions, and in addition to the existing risks, it imposes high costs. It is necessary to consider a newer solution to supply the raw materials of the automobile industry, which in these internal conditions and the increase in the depth of the inside construction seems to work best.

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