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Publish Date : 30 April 2019 - 08:35
The automotive industry, as the industry's first sanctioned company, faces a shortage of raw materials these days, which, according to activists in the field, can produce all these products within the country.
Khodrocar - The boycott of the upstream industry will be applied while knowledge of the capabilities available in this area can be easily circumvented by these sanctions and domestic needs, provided that by having a program and relying on the power and resources Existing to increase the depth of construction inside.

"In the field of upstream industries, such as steel and petrochemicals, there is a great potential in the country, and the interesting and remarkable thing about this is that many of this are neglected, in terms of underground resources and mines, we have the least dependence on the upstream parts.” Omid Rezaei, member of the board of part making association told khodrocar reporter. 

"At present, there are certain polymers that are available in terms of its production equipment, but it is not reasonable and inexpensive to circulate, and this does not result in our affiliation being tied to another country.” He added. 

"Products such as petrochemicals and the steel industry, which can be produced, but whose consumption is specific to the automobile, and the consumption or circulation tonnage is not an acceptable number per year, is not justified by the parent company's manufacturer.” He answered. 

"Many countries in the world who look at their industry as an underlying movement also have the idea that if they can, they can supply goods from another country, but when they are concerned that in the long run this process can Turning them into Achilles' heels and limiting them and not allowing him to compete in the interval from time to time, and able to get him out of the field, to invest in and increase the depth of the built in.” he continued. 

"Inner things are important in strategic terms in many ways and can prevent rivals from the same stuff as the Apple device, which until now was not thinking of removing software from the App Store, but because of Apple's entire behavior banking and virtual activities were limited, in which case it was necessary to anticipate actions or to prepare the infrastructure.” He called. 

"In a country like China, its software chat service is the responsibility of all dealers, so that the cost of taxi and fare to bank transfer and tuition is done with it, and in China visa card or credit card has no meaning and all the actions with this software Done without being affiliated with a country.” He said. 

"There should be a root of these issues, while not only can the production of a significant proportion of the upstream material, such as polymers, metals or other sources, such as aluminum, can be exported. Now the state-owned enterprise owning production and knowledge, with the aim of attracting foreign currency, has abandoned the export and the domestic producer if the price of raw materials is two-price and part of the car industry is given at a competitive price and the other part at the export price and more competitive, compensates for losses.” He said. 

"A significant portion of the upstream material is produced internally, and its mines and resources are available in the country, and if so, the correct baccalaureate and targeting as well as monitoring from beginning to end will determine how much the system will progress.” He added. 

"This capability is so large that it not only covers the needs of the automotive industry but also other industries. For example, many domestic manufacturers of polyurethane foam seating had a lot of power and built with internal formulas to produce it, but with low capacity that did not have the capacity to produce more than their capacity, they were not able to build Other services will be provided while providing financial support and equipment upgrade.” He told.

These statements demonstrate the ability to cope with sanctions and reduce their impact on the economy, especially in the automotive industry, provided that there are ways to increase the depth of construction as well as planning to use these capabilities.
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