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Publish Date : 29 April 2019 - 09:06
The price of cars has been strangely increasing since the beginning of the week, and this fluctuation is no longer in the range of 10 to 20 million IRRs, which has seen an increase of 100 to 500 million IRRs for some cars compared to last week.
Khodrocar – according to Saeed Motameni, manager of auto show owners association, poor supply of cars in market is the main reason of price increment but right now even car owners are choosing the price. He believes that for a peaceful market supply should be done properly.

"The price of the cartel has risen by about 4,000 tomans compared to March, which has led to higher inflation, so that car prices rose astronomically compared with the Eid earlier, and even some cars increased by 80%” Kazem Mohammadi Nikkhoh, activist in auto market told khodrocar reporter.

"Currently, cars purchased before the Eid or even in August last year with the price of the day, so that Hima was purchased for 104 million USD, now bought and sold for 320 million USD, which is similar to the rate The dollar has tripled since car buyers have turned their capital against inflation and tripled the price of the dollar by up to three times the market price of cars in the market.” He added.

"At the present time, car owners have become aware that they are not willing to provide their cars at the previous price, but also the inflation rate, while car owners are not speculators, but only seek to maintain their capital and assets.” He said.

"In this situation, car owners may be blamed for the current trends of the current market and the recent astronomical prices, although they do not logically sell out expensive sellers, but only seek to maintain their assets.” He said. "Carmakers can improve the supply and avoid the supply of drops and the government can also use the appropriate bank interest rate to market liquidity.”

"In the event that the cars are sealed and the dealers are empty, false positives from these sites should be considered as the cost factor of the car, since these sites have become the criterion for determining the price.” he told.

"Currently, the car dealers' union has no executive tools, while market control should be in the hands of the union and prices are announced by it, which in practice does not happen that it is necessary to achieve this as well as control of these sites. Because the market will be calm.” He continued.

Prices in the automotive market have risen sharply in recent weeks, and it will not be in the interest of buyers or car owners without stopping the trend, because the car as an indicator of inflation has a huge impact on inflation Which will ultimately be at the expense of the economy. In such a situation, the entry of a regulatory authority and control of affairs and pricing can slow down the market to some extent.

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