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Publish Date : 28 April 2019 - 09:04
It seems that plans for organizing the auto industry in current situation are not effective and the inconsistency between organizations and ministries is making worries for the future of this industry. However in the year of production boom there should be a solution for this industry.
Khodrocar - According to most experts, changing and refinancing of capital financing methods as well as changing attitudes in the market development strategy are among the most important steps that should be taken as part of the reform of the structures.

Along with the reform of business practices, government behavior and related organizations related to the field of automotive manufacturing are also very important, and as we have seen, since the embargo on the automotive industry, we have seen less logical behaviors from these organizations in dealing with this industry. 

The government should quickly review the causes of all the inconsistencies and bumps in the automobile boom through the formation of an expert committee and determine immediate solutions for each. And alongside that, the automotive industry appears to have been subject to some kind of internal sanctions in addition to the embargo. Decisions and non-expert comments would be irreparable if they were to add to the difficulties of foreign sanctions.

"The unpredictable or unwillingness of the country's economic situation is entering a challenge that a large part of the business is severely affected by this situation. However, traditional manufacturers, whose markets are competitive and not state-owned, can’t survive in these circumstances.” Mohammad Vatan Poor, expert of economy told khodrocar reporter. 

"In addition to having to compete with our automakers, if we do not say that our car makers are exclusive, we must say that it is a monopoly of multilateralism that we should be able to create conditions for automakers to liberalize and privatize, and this is a definite fate that must necessarily take place.” He added.

"With all these interpretations, it should also be taken into account that the current conditions for the transfer of automotive to the private sector are not at all affordable, and the private sector is not at all willing to bear such costs. But these conditions will last forever, but this will not be the case. After removing these restrictions and opening up the terms of international trade and withdrawing from sanctions, it will definitely lead to the competitiveness of the automotive industry in various areas. (Big and small cars) must go ahead. The liberalization of trade for the competitiveness of foreign goods with domestic goods makes it possible to invest in our domestic industry and hope for its product.”
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