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Publish Date : 25 April 2019 - 09:00
Stop of Iran and China banking relation in recent months was a topic for media but vice president of Iran and China chamber of commerce denied this news and said china doesn’t accept the sanctions against Iran.
Khodrocar – Iran’s auto industry in past months had challenges to supply spare parts due to the sanctions and they were hopeful about the relation with china which went under a shadow after said Chinese banks won’t work with Iranian and it made the auto industry more nervous.

"The only official reference will be to declare co-operation is central bank, and this is at the highest level in the country, so that a referral can be taken to comment on this so as not to overlap." Mohammad Reza Hariri, vice president of Iran and China chamber of commerce told khodrocar reporter.

"There is nothing wrong with cooperating with the Chinese on non-injurious goods and dealing with non-sanctioned banks, and in this context, the Bank of Kunlun will cooperate with Iran.” He added.

"What the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs officially announced on Tuesday declared that sanctions were not in place and what the Central Bank had announced was to carry out work on a routine basis.” He said,

"As a matter of fact, when new conditions are announced by the United States, it is possible that in the short term, it would be disturbed in the previous process, due to the adjustment to the new conditions, as is the case with the official authorities of Iran and China says it will be based on that.” He continued.

"However, the boycott has had an impact on Iran's trade relations with other countries, and China is not a country separate from the world and it can also be disrupted, but what has been formally raised by the Chinese is the lack of sanctions and stance. They are new to the subject” he talked.

"We do not deny the impact of sanctions on foreign relations, but we have to take into consideration issues that, if we are to have a relationship with the world and against the US in terms of sanctions, one of the requirements for establishing this connection, not expressing public methods and increasing the patience and Tolerance is not to sacrifice national interests for personal gain. Therefore, we should allow the turbulence created by the decisions of a country such as the United States in a more relaxed atmosphere and reduce its negative effects.” He said.

Referring to his talks with the Bank of Conlon, he stated that the board will hold a meeting after the recent US decision to lift the exemption from Iran's purchase of oil to decide on the future of its cooperation with Iran and the reason for this It is also true that Iran will no longer have any money in its account with the Bank of Conlon after canceling Iran's sanctions on Iranian oil purchases, with which it will do its business.

These statements suggest that China will not be sanctioned for medicines, beverages and foodstuffs, but it should look at the status of the car industry and Iran's joint cooperation with China. Will the Chinese stand up to their position on non-acceptance of the US sanctions, or whether the tired and ill will deal with these conditions.
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