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Publish Date : 22 April 2019 - 10:22
Iranian automakers had a tough year however they got facilities in the final days of the year but totally near 40 percent of production decreased compare to previous year.
Khodrocar_Iranian car makers have come a long way in the past year, although in the final month of the year, with the facility provided to automakers, re-production has been increasing, but overall, about 40 percent of the total yearly production of automakers has fallen.

According to the automobile reporter, on the basis of three major automakers, 798,982 vehicles produced a variety of crop products, while in 1996 their sales were one million and 316 thousand units. The decline was 39% per year 97 versus 96, while the monthly turnover of automakers in March last year rose to 42% in comparison to February.

According to the annual statistics of Iran-Khodro car manufacturers, in 1997, it reached 415 thousand and 485 units, and compared to 96, they experienced a 41% drop. The Saipa automobile group, which has 383 443 vehicles in 1997, has fallen 38 percent to 96. It also reports that the company, having produced 134,958 vehicles of all types of riding cars, saw 44 percent of its production decline by 96 percent at the end of last year.

However, the decline in automobile production was unavoidable in the context of the supply of automotive raw materials by the exchange rate fluctuations and the problems encountered by the automotive supply chain. But the question is, there is a way to re-increase the growth rate of production, and the automobile industry does not rebound in the past year, and at all in the current economic situation, while the annual inflation rate is 30% It has been announced and production costs have increased, keeping up the growing trend of production is possible?

"It can only be said that this will be achieved while using all the internal potential of the automotive industry," said an economist at the Automotive News Correspondent. Some parts that do not exist inside and which need to be imported must To enter the supply chain, it can be said that this incremental production trend will be maintained.

He continues: the demands of the components must be met and their problems resolved so that they can make the parts enough to the automakers with the development and restructuring of their operations.

Many experts believe that automakers should, in the current circumstances, manage their costs and improve the cost structure and, in this regard, try to increase their efficiency and productivity. Another great point to emphasize is the strong internal organization between the manufacturer and the manufacturer. It is also expected that the government and the central bank will continue to support automakers and component makers in order not to re-establish currency problems for car makers.
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