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Publish Date : 21 April 2019 - 09:43
More than 114 billion dollar are spent in R&D all over the world in auto industry but in Iran this number is 1.2 percent. Ministry of industry, mine and trade is trying to increase this number to 5 percent. Lack of finance to this part means the death of the industry.
Khodrocar – Some experts believe that no reach to the first material and lack of innovations is a result of poor R&D. 

"Large installers have been working on these units, but at the moment they have closed the crisis created by these units because the funds allocated to this issue have been stopped due to lack of liquidity.” Maziyar Beigloo told khodrocar reporter after emphasizing on the importance of R&D unit. 

"The use of these units amongst the part makers provides the ground for introducing steel, aluminum alloys, and even petrochemical products instead of raw materials.” He added. "Nowadays, the major part of the importation of producers is raw materials, and in such a situation the result of the use of research and development units will be particularly effective for the raw material producers in finding alternatives.”

"The electronic technology of the automotive industry is very new and the units are equipped with such units, so it can be done in the units of the makers, but the budgets of these centers have been reduced or stopped due to critical conditions.” He mentioned. 

"Carmakers have always been keen to have their own piece of gear, such as an automatic gearbox or, in other words, a Power train, which includes a motor, gearbox and chassis, and they are also emphasized because it is part of the platform.” He said. 

"Accordingly, the component makers are involved in the construction of parts such as the automatic gearbox of the component makers, and the overall work is followed by the car makers who have made improvements in this field and made good moves in this field during the month. A good news will be announced in the future. Saipa also installs new products, such as Quick Coupler, so that component makers only do their parts internally.” He claimed. 

The reader's remarks about the lack of use of research and development units while one of the ways to improve the automotive industry is a fundamental change in the supply chain, and this will not be achieved, with the new ways of producing and using the power of research and development units.
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