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Publish Date : 20 April 2019 - 10:07
production costs has been increased and due to problems that happened for production they are trying to prevent inflammation in auto market.
Khodrocar_Last year, car makers and car arenas faced a tough year, and as the US currency was restrained by restrictions on access to government currencies, US sanctions left a blow to the industry.

Although the automotive industry has been pushed to continue its activities and government support continues to maintain this industry, currency developments and production problems arose out of every direct issue on the car market.

The car market was hit by rising prices as a result of the high and falling dollar rates, and speculators who took the opportunity to add fire to the fire and increased the flames of market inflammation. The car market needed to market the car, but car manufacturers did not give up on the market and the production of incomplete cars continued at the factory floor every day.

With the facilities given to car makers to pay off the demands of the makers, the final days of the year were reborn, and the supply and pre-sales of automakers reduced the inflammation of the upcoming 97s of the automotive market. The car makers turned off the final days of the year to make a car and tried to re-generate the car that had been down for a few months, and this has happened.

Problems and challenges of the automotive industry remain with automakers in the year of 97, and craftsmen and automotive industry experts believe that the facility paid to automakers and component makers is just like a sectional housing, and although it has helped to return to the production cycle, however, its effects It will not be long before it will be gone, and it will have to be more principled for that.

Increasing production costs in the new year and currency problems that remain strong have led car experts to believe that this year, from 97 years ago, to tighter carmakers.

But Farshad Moghimi, the deputy director of industry affairs at the Ministry of Industry, Mine and Trade, believes the increase in production will lead to lower prices for cars, which is already happening at the moment. He does not believe that prices will rise in the new year and in the automotive market, and he says: "These prices are raised on the sites, with the policies adopted by the Ministry of Industry, Mining and Commerce, the production process has increased, and in an increasing amount of production, Prices are decreasing. Most people are currently selling. Although abusers report car prices more than real, they can not find someone who bought the car at that price.

Amir Khojest, also says that the car market should be controlled by the Ministry of Industry, rather than providing space for the presence of any more brokers.

He emphasizes that the automobile market is managed by the dealers themselves, according to the statements we had at the recent meetings of the Minister of Industry with the Commission, it was stipulated that he should take action, and we expect the Minister to take it as soon as possible. Enter the issue, otherwise we will enter the parliament and we will have no choice but to impeach.

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