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Publish Date : 19 April 2019 - 09:39
The internalization of automobile parts and assemblies has been emphasized by automakers and government officials these days and simultaneously with the new round of automobile industry sanctions. Soon afterwards, with the result of the meeting, foreign companies started to conclude a contract of cooperation with domestic manufacturers and its achievement was the formation of joint venture companies.
Khodrocar – Foreign partners left the country after the sanctions and part makers faced with different problems. This made questions like "Is there a potential for localization without foreign partners and can part industry become less dependent. "This internalization capability will be feasible with the help of single-minded knowledge companies with around 3800 companies, while relying on university assistance and the ability to build units with an inertial engineering strategy toward internalization and increased its depth." President of part makers association told khodrocar reporter. 

"Rationalization of prices is one of the main necessities of realizing this. Therefore, in the event of an increase of 45% in wages, it is necessary to apply as soon as possible to the implementation of price correction, providing them with the required liquidity from the beginning of the year.” He added. 

"The payment of cash receipts, the need for component makers to provide raw materials and liquidity, because when the manufacturer buys the materials he needs to have liquidity.” He continued. "We need to provide the appropriate conditions and prices for the supply of domestic materials and provide foreign manufacturers with more rapid access to raw materials.”

"Compactors are using the ability of foreign partners, while foreign companies such as Renault and Peugeot who have gone from Iran are waiting behind and once again lifting sanctions again calling for cooperation with Iran, while it should be due to the lack of internal The deepening of the stock is considered artificially held down by the exchange because it did not allow some parts to be cost-effective.” He said.

"Now that the exchange rate is in real-time, we are asking the government to naturally pricing the currency in order to increase the incentive for domestic construction, and in circumstances where there is no possibility of import, and on the other hand the problem of supplying raw materials, the conditions To increase the depth of construction inside.” He added. 

"In addition to this, the lack of will and inattention to the research and development of some of the contractors and the lack of equipping unit units was another of the obstacles to internationalization, but if the results and achievements were well-known, it would undoubtedly be the use of these units Will go.” He said. 

These statements suggest that although government barriers remain the main obstacle to increasing the depth of construction inside, the lack of willingness and lack of faith in R & D units by installers should be considered as the main reason for the current trends and problems in the industry. While the cheap currency is considered as a barrier to self-sufficiency, we must see how much the realization of the price of the currencies in the present situation will be, as we see, increasing the depth of construction in the segment by the makers.
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