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Publish Date : 18 April 2019 - 10:14
A big part of automakers problems is because of excessive costs and overhead workforce which is challenging the whole company and no solution has been decided yet.
Khodrocar - The car makers of the country, according to many officials and experts, are confronted with other problems that the automotive industry faces with overhead costs, which until now have not been able to deal with this problem.

A while before Amad Nemat Bakhsh, secretary of automakers association said, "In Iran we are under pressure to hire many people while we have overhead workforce but in other companies there isn’t such a thing.” 

However, the workforce that has been absorbed by automakers in the past has been numerous, and now it costs a lot in the current economic climate of the cost of this excessive force on the hands of the car makers. An increase of 36 percent in wages this year is also one of the problems that may lead to a moderation in power in any industry, and the automotive industry is no exception.

"A large part of automotive problems is related to overhead and overhead costs in automotive companies. Saipa has 11,000 more troops, but the surplus manpower in Iran Khodro is also higher than Saipa.” Javad Hosseini Kia, member of the parliament and industry and mine commission told khodrocar reporter. 

Despite the fact that in the past few years we have witnessed a sanctions regime in the automotive industry, and the adjustment of power due to less work and capacity reduction has been inevitable, but less than the adjustment of power in the car industry, because this industry has always been It has state-sponsored support, while officials are also seeking to keep the automotive industry under any circumstances.

"In the constitution and in article 44 of the constitution, there is support for labor, but government agencies, ministries, banks, and the agencies each have the private sector if they are supposed to do what they do. My estimation is that with a fifth of this manpower can handle it.” Vatan Poor, expert of economy told khodrocar. 

"Certainly, one of the problems for the private sector will be the surplus of the automakers, but this is not so much that we risk jeopardizing the industry. If the goods are of good quality, the repair shops of these car makers will not be too busy, but if they want to set themselves up and deliver quality goods to private sector car makers, they will definitely absorb part of this excess capacity in the automakers because they are private.” He added. 

"It is likely that 20 percent of this surplus will come from the manufacturers, and it seems that some of the automotive manufacturers will soon be retiring to retire, and the car makers are likely to stop recruiting new forces. For four to seven years, the surplus will retire and leave the automotive industry and recruit new automakers and engineers will be absorbed by a quality force. This has been seen in terms of support for laws and regulations, and the government can support this to some extent so that this moderation of power it takes about four to five years and this disaster will also be cut off from the private sector.” He said.
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