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Publish Date : 17 April 2019 - 08:44
The Chinese were among the companies that during the previous period of sanctions played a significant role in the Iranian industries, including cars, and at the same time as the sanctions were lifted, they flourished in their various forms, but at the same time as the new phase of the car industry sanctions Last year, the question is always where the fate of the Chinese auto industry partners comes to?
Khodrocar – There are several reasons for exiting Iran’s market but at the same time there are some reasons for staying in Iran’s popular market and Chinese know this so they invest a lot in Iran. 

Currently some Chinese companies which have the parallel cooperation with American companies are reducing their activity in Iran but other companies are working properly. 

"in this matter some obstacles like transferring CKD parts and finance is becoming problem but Chinese have eager to work with Iran.” Majid Reza Hariri, Vice president of chamber of commerce of Iran and China told Khodrocar reporter. 

The remarks came at a time when the lack of transfer of funds came back from the lack of cooperation of Chinese banks with Iran, and this process shows that the only desire of the Chinese to cooperate with Iran does not seem to be enough, and it is necessary for the government of this country It will also provide conditions for this cooperation.

"A group of companies whose prospects for the coming years are the US and European markets, and these companies have interests in these countries and, as a rule, can’t lose those markets.” Shahram Azadi, expert of auto industry told khodrocar reporter. 

"Meanwhile, there are companies that do not have a look at the US and Europe market, and the Iranian market is very important for these companies, and on this basis, in an attempt to overcome the barriers to this cooperation, such as transfer problems Funds are also sent to the CKD and have been somewhat successful in this direction.” He added.

"However, it can’t be said publicly that the Chinese, like European companies, leave the Iranian market, and this withdrawal will no doubt come about suddenly and only the level of this cooperation will be minimized.” He said.

"In the current situation, it is expected that the mainstream Chinese brands will refuse to enter Iran. Meanwhile, it should be noted that henceforth Iran's hand to select Chinese partners and signing the contract is not open for the purpose of partnership and production, Previously, Iran was choosing its partner, and in such a situation, it would be likely that if the new brand of China came to Iran, it would be possible to see the arrival of the two leading brands in the country.” Azadi continued. 

"The look of Chinese companies has always been a competition in the European and American markets as well as Iran, and in view of such conditions, they only look at their own market or Iran, and because they are heavily focused on the technology and quality of their production vehicles, That is why the future and the events that take place on this matter are important to them, so they are looking at the sanctions accordingly.” He said.

Experts' opinions about the cooperation of Chinese companies with Iranian automakers are being discussed at a time when, due to the withdrawal of some Chinese partners from the Iranian market, the production of this category of vehicles is either faced or stopped requiring extensive planning in this The field. But what is certain is that a group of Chinese companies that have replaced Iran's market with European and American markets will not easily leave Iran because of investments made in Iran, and even if the conditions remain tougher. In Iran, this presence will be diminished gradually.
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