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Publish Date : 16 April 2019 - 09:45
About 10 years is passing since the government recommend the entrance of private section to auto industry but in all these years entrance of private sector was a challenge and due to most of experts it needs some infrastructures.
Khodrocar - The country's automotive industry is one of the most challenging industries in which the policy of this sector changes every 8 years with the changing state. On the other hand, the existence of two major automotive companies and government support from them virtually monopolized and paved the way for attendance. The third pole has been blocked and perhaps the introduction of the private sector into a car is merely a slogan by governments to deal with the elimination of the monopoly of the two major automakers of the country, and there is no serious determination in this regard.

Some experts believe that it may have some costs if the private sector wants to enter the auto industry and while the challenge of private sector is finance then it’s hard to see them in auto industry. It also does not have the technology needed, and it only costs a lot to launch a car production line that is out of the private sector.

Some believe that if the private sector enters the car industry, it can certainly increase production efficiency and improve business mechanisms, and may even better respond to domestic and international market demands than two major car makers.

"There are not a few small car makers anywhere in the world, and in industrial countries there are often one to three primary car manufacturers. In Iran, the problem is that the government does not have a basic and basic solution for industry development, and each day a strategy and policy are spoken.” An expert of economy matter told khodrocar reporter.

"But economic planners and statesmen are well aware that the profits and incomes of the private sector are much higher than that of the state, because investors are motivated to profit by trying to gain more market share and, in contrast, to survive in a competitive market, increase in quality Products and, in the end, customer recruitment are more likely to be doubled, which, of course, is accentuating the growing numbers of products and the market share of the private sector.” He added.

"We announce some excuse for the proper implementation of privatization, while those who want to take state-owned collections must have the necessary qualifications. If the private sector has the capital and does not have the necessary qualifications, then there will be some government expectations that, unfortunately, will undermine the work. Accordingly, we propose that an active consortium of automakers and component makers be formed and that the forum is set up to lead a powerful automotive industry.” He said.

Experts say that although privatization is always hard to say and there are many roundtables, it will never happen until the government is in business and no special attention is paid to it. Because some governments do not give up the huge profits they receive from firms in the automotive industry. In order to save the country's automobile industry, we have to choose between international private companies and the owner, and we will gradually give them the shares of the car makers. It's kind of the same way that countries like Turkey, China, Mexico and Thailand have traveled. In addition, these countries were able to use the benefits of automobile industry, such as employment creation and income generation, to prevent foreign capital flows from abroad.

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