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Publish Date : 13 April 2019 - 09:33
Along with decrease in oil income after sanctions, making money from other developed industries such as auto industry became bolder between officials and experts.
Khodrocar – While auto industry didn’t pass a good year with poor quality and little export due to sanctions and other limitations, also foreign partners left the country but experts believe that auto industry and especially part industry can turn to a good source of income for the country with exportation but it needs especial planning.

"Turning the auto industry into an industry with good income needs pre conditions which have to be prepared carefully and with current condition part industry seem to have the potential.” Amir Hossein Kakaei, expert of auto industry told khodrocar reporter.

"First thing is in Iran everyone looking at exportation for a short while and it can be stopped at any time while the most important part of exportation is producing exporting products.” He added.

"Exports need to move a lot, and since the export market is not always open, and each piece and product needs a 10-year warranty, it is a long-term process that requires commitment.” He said.

"Surely it needs working on exporting procedures before exporting but auto industry has the potential. History shows that we were week in matter of exportation and even in technology terms we have to import some new technologies even for pride and Samand and it is really challenging.” He said.

"There is a great deal of technological change that needs to be made into product diversity, which is the potential of parts, especially consumer components such as rims, tires and air filters, but we need to design, so the basis of the variety of new products is considered as a third challenge." He continued.

"Regarding the capabilities of the automotive industry, if we take this issue seriously, we will have good exports. In the meantime, it is necessary to advance the sum of the factors together and, in the long run, make the planning necessary to not export in a cross sectional way, because the export process should be It is possible that even if the country does not need export revenues, it still has a bit of water. Therefore, in spite of the shortage of oil revenues in the country, it should work on exporting cars in order to export high levels of production.” He told.

It’s been emphasized on this matter for several times but we have to see if officials have the power to plan for this goal or not and does auto industry have the ability to pass challenges and became a good replace for oil income?

Khodrocar reporter: Mitra Mamasani

Khodrocar Translator: Amin Zamani
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