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Publish Date : 08 April 2019 - 09:37
Clearance of vehicles in the Customs remains touched by currency problems, with less than one month left from deadline for implementing the Cabinet of Ministers, and importers are not hoping to clear their remaining cars.
Khodrocar – in 1396 whispers of banning the vehicle importation started and finally it happened officially in the summer of 1397 after a long struggle. 

When importing vehicle was rising significantly the 11th government's Ministry of Industry, Mines and Trade suddenly decided to close its registration site to importers and put an end to the market for foreign cars. However, it was thought that with attention the twelfth government began operating with a new minister in the Ministry of Industry, Mine and Trade-Mohammad Shariatmadari- will be open after a month or two but it didn’t happen at the end. 

The control of the exit of the currency from the country was the main reason, or better, the excuse of the Ministry of Industry, Mine and trade officials to close and lock its registration site. Following this import ban, we witnessed an unprecedented increase in the price of foreign cars in the Iranian market, and then the unclearing of imported cars in the customs remained a major issue, which even with the approval of the government has not yet cleared vehicles. Less than a month remain and importing companies will have the opportunity to clear their imported vehicles, but there are still some cumbersome currencies and numerous decisions made by the authorities.

"There is no car cleared from the customs since the approval of the government in first days of January 2019. While there is only 20 days remain from the 4 months there are some system issues which is holding he importers back.” Mehdi Dadfar, secretary of car importers association. 

"Along with the problems, the central bank has written a letter that calculates and calculates the computational rate of currency for car-based cars on the basis of bank notes. That is, we will give the difference in cars based on the banknote that the Senna banknote is now 133000 IRRs. In fact, the money they pay must be repaid twice.” He said.

"Despite the little opportunity left, there is very little chance of clearing vehicles from the customs. Last time we had a meeting with the authorities, but the result was not achieved, due to the lack of full knowledge of the information and cases.” He added. 

"The government has done a small job and cleared 14,000 vehicles in customs for two years, while this is very small. Now, there is the question of whether, in such a situation, the government can do something useful to boost production. The sanctity of the mosque to its trustee has not been approved by the Cabinet of Ministers since the 16th of January last year, but no one is following up what happened after this resolution. There is also a lack of coordination in production.” He continued.

The new approval and instruction of central bank for 133000 IRRs currency to be count with banknote will have a wave of price increment with itself and it will make people who pre-purchase cars and wait for long time unhappy. it make cuase the bankrupcy of other companies which were trying to pay the money back to customers.

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