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Publish Date : 06 April 2019 - 09:36
Naming this year, the "production boom", will be important because it can restore the lost hope of industries that have spent so few good days last year. In the meantime, the automotive industry can be hoping for a brighter day, but happening of this slogan needs some necessities.
Khodrocar - last year, when manufacturing and commercial and automotive business became more complex every day with regulations, sudden decisions, the sanctions entered the game, production declined, followed by a dramatic increase in prices.The record for production cuts was recorded at around 50% in the industry. In such a situation, naming this year as a production boom can restore lost hopes to industry activists.

In this context, experts and activists in the automotive industry say that naming the year as a production boom represents a good way out of the turbulence of the market and the automotive industry problems this year, and if the legislative and executive capacity to remove barriers to production can be seen, the turbulent challenges of the market and the automotive industry will be removed.

In spite of the negative predictions regarding the state of the automobile industry in 1398, if we are cleverly focused on removing obstacles in front of automobile production, we can see this year better, despite the turmoil that took place last year in the automobile industry of the country.

The activists of this industry believe that they should plan in the automotive industry, and since the automobile industry as a forward-looking industrialist will always be subject to a one-sided sanction, so we need infrastructure to solve the problems of this industry. Pointing to advances in the automotive industry, they emphasize that the industry must move along with technology, so that electric vehicles that replace conventional cars in the next few years should be placed on the automotive industry's agenda. Meanwhile, the national platform has been discussed since the past years, but so far no domestic or institutional investors have been vigorously pursued in this regard, which is required to change the approach as soon as possible.

According to experts in the automotive industry, if the government does not have the necessary support and planning and does not have a plan to support investors, we will see the withdrawal of investors from Iran and their migration to the neighboring countries, which is required in the year of production boom The issue should be taken into account so that the employment industry, such as the automotive industry, will not be compromised.
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