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Publish Date : 25 March 2019 - 09:56
Car imports stopped last year due to special currency conditions, which saw significant price increases on the market due to lack of supply and, on the other hand, increased demand. However, according to the activists, this area of import liberalization will lead to market equilibrium, but the government's presentation of a budget bill showed that the ban will continue this year and only the market should be calmed down by relying on the clearance of vehicles in depreciated customs
Khodrocar - In this context, naming this year as the product boom also showed that this continuity was not unreasonable. This year's activists believe that with the withdrawal of the state from this area and the elimination of monopoly, the market can be much quieter than now.

"The activists in this area believe that there is currently no stability in the decision-making process, while if the government takes a decision on issuing an act, it must first be read in writing before the study and the opinion of the stakeholders.” Mehdi Dad far, secretary of vehicle importation association told khodrocar reporter. 

"While we have blinded all the investment markets, we need to plan for managing the accumulated and wandering rials, as it is necessary for the management of these conditions to officially provide safe investment venues with inflation-rate returns, and the government will come up with a solution To make liquidity available to people at appropriate places.” He added. 

"As long as the assignment of these resources is unclear, the situation will remain the same and liquidity will travel to the automobile and goods that will cost less. However, according to the statistics center, the amount of need for goods such as cars is clear and Since the ability to meet this demand from the two automakers does not exist, we have seen an increase in the prices of cars on the market.” He said.

"The competitive market will only happen when the government leaves the market, and as long as the government has large firms, the firm's eyes will not be fairly focused, and only the state-owned subsidiaries will be protected first, so the state-owned government Leaving it out of space, because otherwise we will see high prices in domestic cars, while we can make choices for people by releasing imports and placing these cars alongside domestic production vehicles.” He continued. 

"Accordingly, the main offers of this year in the field of car imports are the exit of the state from the automotive industry, and the government can, with a review of the liberalization of imports and the return of tariff rates to the past, partly respond to market demand and adjust prices slowly.” He said. "These requests, while heard, indicate the liberalization of imports on condition that it is at the disposal of government car makers, which, if this trend is achieved, will not achieve the predicted targets because it requires import to experts and importers of this field.”

With these statements, the only way to slow down the exit market is to eliminate the monopoly. Since it seems that the problem of importing the parts needed by automakers this year will continue, suggestions on import freeze will be made available to car makers. Now we have to see, while we are approaching the one-year ban on car imports, what will the government do to manage this market?
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