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Publish Date : 23 March 2019 - 09:15
Since the beginning of last month of the year urgent sales plans started to organize the market. This selling plan didn’t go well in the first days but after a while the plan breaks down the prices in the market.
Khodrocar – vehicle price increment started in the half of the past year and prices reach unbelievable numbers in addition people’s purchase power decreased also the marker entered a stagnation. The recession, which had already begun with the ban on car imports, continued with rising prices. Carmakers, who demanded more liquidity than ever before, are pushing for more customers by implementing pre-sales plans, which appear to have been largely successful with the launch of an immediate sale plan for market regulation. 

"A reason of vehicle price increment is lack of entering cars in the market. The trend of price increases in recent weeks and at the same time as the immediate sale of automakers came to a halt and even declined, and the supply further managed to keep prices somewhat more modest, although there is still a gap between the prices.” Saeed Motameni, manager of car show owners told khodrocar reporter. 

"If prices are announced by automakers in plans such as a quick sale plan, we will surely see a further drop in prices. Peugeot's family vehicles, including 206, 405 and Pars, as well as the Samand family and even Pride, saw the most decline in prices compared to other cars.” He added. 

"Price of Pride and Saina in last days and even in Nowroz holidays decreased for 50 to 100 million IRRs. Compared to two months ago, the current price of the car shows a 20 to 25 percent bubble, which has fallen dramatically over the coming months, and it is expected that with the onset of a slump in prices for cars, the car prices are expected to increase as car prices go up.” He said. 

"In the new year, the price of cars in the market will achieve a relative stability so producers and buyers have no trouble buying and selling because, according to him, now the market is in recession due to reduced purchasing power and rising prices. The win and the continuation of this situation will not benefit the industry and the car market.” He said.
In these circumstances, it is expected that after the Nowroz holiday and the expiration of registered cars, we will see a further fall in prices. Now, the automakers have to see how they will adjust to the market with increasing production circulation.
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