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Publish Date : 18 March 2019 - 09:00
Decreasing of prices is continuing by supplying the market by automakers and ministry has the plan to balance prices of cars.
Khodrocar - Auto market had a rough month with price increment of all kinds of local and foreign cars which end by automakers supply. Brokers who took a huge profit in the past month now with balancing the price have no intend to keep trading.

"Vehicle price is keep decreasing like past weeks and this path will continue every day. Prices will back to where ever it was in the first of last month. Supply of automakers is the main reason for this price reduce and it will continue.” Saeed Motameni, president of show owners association told khodrocar reporter.
"The price of foreign cars has also declined due to lower domestic prices of cars. People who do not need a car immediately do not hurry to buy, prices are down again.” He added.

In the same vein, a member of parliament, yesterday described the details of the meeting with the Minister of Intelligence yesterday, and described the issue of registration and delivery of cars to customers, among the issues raised in the meeting, and according to reports provided by the meeting, Car delivery was delivered to them. The Ministry of Interior is looking to adjust the price of the car and are considering this issue to provide the right conditions.

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